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    I’ll probably get blasted but here it goes. I just purchased FL Studio All plugins bundle for Black Friday at a pretty good deal. I have seen a lot of people using it and thought I would try to switch DAWs. I’m coming from Ableton and wanted to mix things up a bit. I am not throwing shade at FL but it seems that Ableton was easier especially since I am on a mac and to make matters worse I don’t have a mouse or number pad to follow along. I am learning from your videos it just seems Ableton was easier on a mac. BTW, I have only had FL for less than a day so I know there will be a learning curve. Any ideas for me?
    Also, in case this doesn’t work out for me, would I be able to resell my FL license to someone else who has a pc?

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    Hey Chris, thank-you so much for becoming a member.. it means a lot!

    First, I would say slow it down because music is not something learned over night.. it takes YEARS to see real improvement.

    Every DAW is essentially the same, with minor differences (except for DAWs like Pro Tools for example), so be sure to understand that. A DAW is just a place to make the beat, and the problem for most people, is they do not know how to make a beat, and blame the DAW for it!

    Each DAW has its own workflow, and yes, it will take time to learn that DAW. But again, at the end of the day, we are simply programming MIDI notes to create melodies, and create a beat.. no matter what DAW we use!

    I personally suggest the Signature Edition of FL Studio (but the All Plugins you got a good deal on!):
    What Version of FL Studio to Buy?

    Next, be sure to follow my COURSE PATHWAYS page. Being a member, you can watch each course in order, and get the best learning experience, in the fastest time possible.. (the videos are short and to the point, and will teach you the core fundamentals, rather than having to search around everywhere):
    Visit Course Pathways Page (Members Gain Unrestricted Access!)

    I would HIGHLY recommend a mouse when using a DAW for workflow, speed, and accuracy.. and there are many affordable number pads on Amazon, which definitely improves the FL Studio workflow (I even have a course on it inside the platform!)

    As mentioned, take it one day at a time here.. I promise you my platform will teach you the core fundamentals if you stick with it!

    FL Studio gives an amazing workflow, and is by far the best deal in the music production world with their lifetime free updates.

    Here is Image-Line’s article on reselling. (If you truly want to make beats, FL Studio is an amazing choice, and you will not be disappointed.. It’s the only program I use and recommend.. I’ve been using it for over 10 years!)

    Now that you are a member, I am here to help!

    Follow the course pathways page, start from the beginner’s section, and within 2-3 months you will see great improvement like many of my other students!

    Hope that helps and brings encouragement!


    Hey, How’s it going.
    If its any help, your story is similar to mine, and many others starting out (Although, I didn’t switch from another DAW). You need to give yourself some more time with FL Studio for sure. It might seem overwhelming at the start with everything you need to learn and progress.
    I did plenty of research before investing in a DAW and went with FL Studio… still learning, but glad I choose it, for the same reasons explained above by Riley. As for being a member here; well you are in the right place for learning. Stick with the ‘pathways’ for the courses and you won’t go wrong (thats what I did and it worked well).
    You won’t be disappointed in a month or two when things start falling in to place for you. Just give yourself time.
    I hope this info helps you on your way.
    Cheers, Mike.


    Hiya Chris!
    I’d say definitely agree with what has been said by everyone.
    The main points I’d say are:
    1 try not to switch to another DAW as this will cost more money ….unless you have a lot.
    – you’ll save a ton of money following advice from Riley seriously.
    He will be able to tell you what software is needed therefore not doubling up on different plugins (VST format for FL Studio.
    -you’ll save even more money now you have purchased FL all plugins as it has free lifetime updates.

    – Most important: learn how to update FL and backup everything too so as not to lose your license (updates required quite regularly).
    Also what Michael says about pathways.. if you ever do become a producer for a hobby or indeed a living -you’ll get there must faster with the knowledge of Riley who knows the path -using pathways is great and it compiles together all the courses you purchase (or monthly membership fee), into an bunch of sections based on beginner intermediate and advanced.
    Take care and be happy!


    I promise you will not be disappointed with FL Studio. Every DAW has a different way of doing things. But not every DAW has someone who knows everything to teach you and help you master it to it’s greatest potential. This is where Riley comes in. I came from using Cakewalk and Pro Tools First, have Ableton and Cubase also, and now that I found GratuiTous, everything has started to come together as well as I understand why he picked FL as the DAW to teach about. I come from a background of a lot of live instrument recording(loads of guitar and such!) And Riley has made FL Studio SOOO much better than I ever expected. I also have the All Plugins Bundle and I promise you that you won’t find a complete package nearly as good as FL. you can message anytime about certain plugins but I’m sure Riley has me all beat (pun)! If you start with the FL Studio Beginners course that will cover a LOT of what you need to get started. More than YouTube, Google, etc. Also look into “A specific Music Production Folder” course sooner than later. It will save you SOO MUCH time and effort if you check that out before saving projects. Long story short(too late) you will love FL once you learn it and since you are learning from GratuiTous, it will be very soon when you realize this!


    Thanks guys for the feedback. I was able to get my hands on a windows keyboard and a mouse and already it is getting easier! I will also look at “A Specific Music Production Folder” as soon as I press submit on this update.

    Thanks again guys!

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    Excellent.. thank-you so much everyone for your encouragement to Chris. Here is a picture of what it looks like inside the training platform:

    FL Studio Courses by GratuiTous - Membership

    Please open a new question members, I will close this.. keep at it Chris.. reach out if you get stuck! That’s what this questions area is here for as you watch the FL Studio courses.

    Again, just follow the COURSE PATHWAYS.. you will learn the stages of music production in a fast and organized way!!

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