Saving Midi Files for later

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    Hey there,

    I am having no success in building Chords in my piano roll and saving the MIDI Notes into a MIDI File to import and export on my desktop to use in FL Studio.  Any thoughts. I am probably doing something wrong.

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    Hey Adam!

    How to Import and Export MIDI Files in FL Studio is really easy!

    In the Piano Roll, add your notes and chords as you’d like, then from the top-left arrow of the Piano Roll, a drop-down menu will appear.

    Go File -> Export as MIDI File

    Just save that to whatever location you want.

    To import MIDI Files in FL Studio, it’s the same process:

    File -> Import MIDI File

    And you’ll see it loads in the notes as you saved them!

    Let me know if you’re still stuck about how to Save MIDI Files in FL Studio, or How to Import and Export MIDI Files into FL Studio’s Piano Roll!

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