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    Michael Hayes

    Hey, whats up?
    Loving the new site layout. I have a question on volume usage. So, when making a beat and you create a pattern in amongst the others, what volume control do you recommend if a melody or drum, etc, is too high. Do you adjust on the channel rack or go straight to the mixer? I’ve seen both used. But does it affect the true loudness of a pattern, or the overall song, when mixing at a later stage on the mixing deck if you already adjusted it on the channel Rack? Hope this makes sense.


    Hey man!

    Yeah so this actually made me do some studying into how FL Studio’s signal flow works, when it comes to the Channel Rack and Mixer.

    I discovered your audio first starts from the Channel Rack.

    Then your audio goes through all your effects, then the fader on your mixer insert controls the volume AFTER effects.

    So you can think of it:

    Channel Rack is BEFORE effects volume.

    Mixer fader is AFTER effects volume.

    Long story short though.. for workflow, you can adjust volume anywhere you’d like inside FL Studio.

    I tend to stay away from the Channel Rack for adjusting volume, unless it’s just a “quick balance” when I’m programming my drum loop, or.. if I’m fine-tuning my MIDI Notes within the Piano Roll (adjusting each individual sound’s volume.)

    Here’s a video I recorded for you to see:

    Michael Hayes

    Thanks Riley,

    Much appreciated. Nicely detailed, and as usual, technical stuff made simple.


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