Problem with Kontakt Libraries

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    I have a question.

    I finished watching A Specific Music Production Folder.

    Now I have a problem with Kontakt libraries.

    If I moved, updated or renamed anything to do with Kontakt or any other program, it loads the .flp file just stating it can’t find the library. It doesn’t tell me what library it is looking for, neither give me an opportunity to manually redirect it to where all the kontakt libraries can be found now.

    Now this is a major headache for me, I’ve lost many tracks with this inconvenience, because, let’s say 6 months later, I can’t remember what library, patch and other key settings I’ve used in that flp project.

    Can you find a way to prevent that? I can convert all those tracks to audio files when saving the .flp, that would at least keep the track sounds used intact. But let’s say I need to make changes to the melody in let’s say the piano roll, for that I will need that specific kontakt library active in fl studio.


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    Hi Marliza,

    I honestly have very little experience with Kontakt, as I don’t use it!

    After a quick Google search, this link to the native-instruments forum may help..

    The goal of this course is about easy folder structure/file management to prevent missing files.

    As I warned in the beginning of the course, you may experience missing files if you do take my advice, however, once set-up, it should prevent any missing files from there on out.

    In terms of VSTs – I keep the .exe (executable download file) within my custom folder as well as the VST2 64-Bit versions.

    VST3 cannot be moved, as it has to stay in the Common Files folder.

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