MIDI Specific Lesson Recommendations

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    I was wondering if you have any specific people online that you recommend to get deep into the specific instrument I have? I like your tutorials on how to use a MIDI keyboard in FL Studio, but I want to dive real heavy into this specific one.

    I know there are a lot of extra bells and whistles with my M-Audio Code 49, yet the user manual isn’t the best about explaining how to use them all. Just wondering if you had a go to spot for stuff like that?

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    At the moment, I do not have any recommendations..

    I am however picking up the M-Audio Oxygen Pro series.. and will be doing a review of it once I get acquainted with it..

    Maybe down the road I can create a more advanced MIDI Keyboard video going over some features, as there may be some similarities to the Oxygen Pro to the M-Audio Code keyboards..

    Is there anything specific you are looking into.. like how to use the “chord” feature of the keyboard or arpeggiator (if the code has those?)


    I mean it has some software to put in profiles, so I make them and have no idea how to get them loaded up.
    Also the fact I have to reprogram things every single time I open a new project or try some new things. It seems extremely inefficient to have to redo things all the time.
    Overall it’s just that I want to know all the ins, outs and everything in between that this thing can do.

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    Okay I got you – I’m sure the Oxygen Pro series may have something similar, as they are both built by M-Audio..

    Once I get acquainted with it, I can show you some things..

    However, sometimes just because a feature is there, doesn’t mean you need it.. which is why I try to tell you guys often, you need to find how you work, and the tools you need for that work, and it will give you a lot of ease when it comes to music creation.

    What I’m trying to say is sometimes features are awesome, and help you, but sometimes they are just a “feature” which just adds more money to your product, which you’ll never use!

    Finally.. lol – FL Studio isn’t the best with features on MIDI Keyboards.. what I mean by that, is FL Studio is amazing for making beats, and if you have a good MIDI Keyboard, you’ll have a good experience with FL Studio..

    But many times these features either don’t work inside FL Studio, or there’s still some type of manual set up involved..

    Other DAWs like Ableton/Logic/Pro Tools many times integrate really well with these MIDI Keyboards, and allow you to have your knobs automatically mapped out for you etc..

    Inside FL Studio, you can map things out, but again, manually..

    At the end of the day, a mouse and keyboard is the best way to do things in FL Studio, and a nice MIDI Keyboard simply for playing the keys has been my best experience and mindset (from trying to figure out a “hands-on” approach over the years..)

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