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    Hey GratuiTous,
    First of all, let me tell you and everybody else in this forum that I took your advice and purchased reFX Nexus 4, and it is an awesome plug-in.  Very easy to load and lots of great instruments.

    My question is this if one was to invest in a mini MIDI Piano, which one would you recommend?

    Really enjoy going through the course Piano for Beatmakers and I’m not trying to learn the full piano. I’m just wanting to be able to build some great chords and melodies, so tell me which one would you recommend if you were to do a midi mini piano. Once again, this is a great forum, appreciate all your knowledge.

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    Hey Adam!

    I would not suggest a mini MIDI Keyboard, as it severely restricts your ability to play chords and melodies with both hands for a fast workflow.

    Where is a Mini MIDI Keyboard good?  I’d say if you’re travelling, have a tight budget, or just want to play a couple notes off a MIDI Keyboard for one-hand chords.. but this won’t give you the improvisation you see in my courses.

    I cannot give a recommendation for a Mini MIDI Keyboard.. but the Oxygen Pro does have a Mini model.. and I’m currently using the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49.

    Here’s what I suggest to students wanting to make beats and use a MIDI Keyboard with FL Studio:

    • 49-Keys (semi-weighted)
    • Transport Buttons have: LOOP, Play, Stop, Record, Forward, Back
    • Shouldn’t be too expensive..
    • And doesn’t require too much software to use (or be stuck into a company’s software eco-system).

    It’s totally up to you!  But for my workflow, I personally like a 49-Key.

    A 61-Key is quite big, and costs more, AND it’s hard to fit your audio interface right next to the MIDI Keyboard for a fast workflow on changing volume (for headphones & speakers).

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