Load MIDI Drum Loop Patterns in FL Studio and Save Them

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    Hey, a quick question before I join the platform and I meant to ask you this yesterday during our call which I found very beneficial and was blessed to be able to do a lesson with you is only thing I created about 150 Midi drum loops in the piano roll that I think a really good. As you know with drum midi H drum is a different midi file. It’s just part of a pattern. How do I get them into the channel rack. Do I drag each individual instrument of the drum kit into it?  Also, I really appreciate the encouragement on the direction for what we do with our sports ministry and creating a beneficial product that includes music with basketball. Just let me know when how to use those drum midi files and the channel rack. Be blessed.

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    Hey Adam,

    If you want to use MIDI Files for your drum loops, you’ll have to use something like the FPC plugin (drum pad plugin).

    This is because a MIDI Drum Loop file is expecting it to play the drums, snare, hi-hat, etc.. with the different MIDI Note values (C5, D5, etc.)

    A plugin like FPC, you can load a blank FPC instance, then drag your drum samples into the FPC.

    Load the MIDI File onto the FPC, which will show the notes in the Piano Roll on that FPC instance.

    Then on the FPC, you have to make sure each pad lines up with the MIDI Notes.

    Otherwise you’ll have to click in the notes manually like I show in my trainings typically!


    that’s great man.  I must have missed that. Which of the three drum courses was that in.

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    I don’t think I’ve done any training on the FPC plugin at this moment, as I usually just use one-shot drum samples to program a drum loop.

    For the FPC, if you click a pad, you’ll see near the top right “Midi Note”.  You’ll have to adjust each pad to respect the MIDI Notes in the Piano Roll.

    For example..

    1. Load the FPC plugin into the Channel Rack
    2. Drag your MIDI Drum Loop file onto the FPC Plugin
    3. Open the FPC Piano Roll and look at what notes it’s using
    4. Open the FPC Plugin, drag a single sound onto the drum pads
    5. If you hit play, and the FPC is not playing properly, click a pad, and adjust its “Midi Note” to match what the Piano Roll is playing

    You can layer sounds on the FPC pads, too, for a more unique layered sound

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