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    Too me this must be the most frustrating tool in FL. It doesn’t quite work like a regular windows undo option. Would love to see you do something on the history/undo tool. Thanks

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    Hey man, so it’s CTRL + Z to undo, then CTRL + ALT + Z to undo multiple times back.

    Depending on how many undos you’ve set in your F10 Settings, that’s how many you’re allowed.

    It shows the latest tasks done in the very bottom of the History tab (inside the browser on the left-hand side!)


    are there actions that can’t be undone. For example, I changed the sound on the channel rack. I used Ctrl Z and Ctrl Alt Z, but it did nothing. My settings are set to 100. So not sure why that would go back to the original sound.

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    You have to make sure “undo knob tweaks” is enabled (which I saw you had enabled when we did our lesson.)

    Sometimes some knobs/sliders can’t be undone, but a lot of times its a third-party VST causing that issue. FL Studio is pretty good in terms of what you want to undo/redo!

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