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    Rene Diaz

    Hello, it would be awesome to have a tutorial about genres. Im a musician (guitar, drums, piano), and now I want to explore the beatmaking business, but I cant find info about genres


    Hey Rene!  Thanks for your question 🙂.. I hope you’re enjoying the platform.

    What kind of questions do you have about beatmaking genres?

    Please be more specific, and I can help you better!

    (For example, are you wanting to know about beatmaking tempos, chords, sound selection, etc).



    Hey Rene, following up on this one last time before closing it!

    Let me know!

    William Smith

    Well, from what I have read it seems it genres have certain drum kits and rhythms, leads, pads, sound FX and song arrangement approaches. I think GratuiTous covers this well enough to get you steered in the right direction. I learned that they call all of these “elements” in your song (e.g. an element could be a guitar, fx, synth or all of the above. Last, each genres have their own sound and lyric hooks. And I read something about “energy charts” in song arrangement. He has a song arrangement course. I play guitar and a lot of guitar “songwriting books” cover song structures and their formats.


    Yes, each genre has its own sound selection and sound placement.

    I explain drum loop creation in my SAFE SPOTS Book.

    You must always follow basic music principles, then when it comes to certain genres, they often differ from the basics a little bit, which makes that genre unique.

    Some genres require a totally different skillset, like dubstep for example.

    I’ve never heard of energy charts before.

    There’s lots of terms people can use within the audio world.

    I try to keep things as simple as possible.  Very often people use terms to sound “smart”, but very often if you keep things simple, you sound just as smart, if not smarter, because people actually understand you 😁

    Will wait for Rene for a couple days, then close this question!

    Also, here’s my Song Structure and Arrangement Course that William mentioned.

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