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    What does ProQ do that fruity loop filters can’t do? What’s the real value of it?

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    In all honesty, it just comes down for workflow, in my opinion.

    It’s not so much “the sound it gives me”, but the efficiency of the features that Pro-Q has.

    For example, being able to solo out certain frequencies to hear problems within the sound, so you can easily dial the problem frequencies back.

    Or even access to advanced tools like Mid/Side mode, where you can EQ the middle content different from your stereo content!

    Back in the day, I made the investment into these FabFilter plugins, and I still use them to date. Would definitely recommend.

    If you do finally decide to pick them up, I highly suggest their bundles, as it saves you money.

    Mastering Bundle (Doesn’t include a reverb, gate, or de-essing plugin for vocals):

    fabfilter mastering bundle

    Pro Bundle:


    Pricey, but has really paid off for me in terms of enjoyment, and very useful features.

    Reminder – You save a large sum of money through the bundle. So if you’re going to get it, the pro bundle is where its at.

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