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    Good Morning, so I was blessed to come up with a chord and melody loop for a worship sound.  It needs to be tweaked together in the piano roll.  Can you tell me how to have the chord and melody midi files in the piano roll at the same time.  I looked online and saw that people can do that in FL Studio, but it was confusing.

    Below are the steps.  Can you help make sense of them:

    It is possible to load both a chord MIDI and a melody MIDI into FL Studio’s piano roll at the same time. You can do this by following these steps:

    1. Open FL Studio and create a new project or open an existing one.
    2. Load your chord MIDI file into the Channel Rack. You can do this by dragging and dropping the MIDI file onto an empty channel or by using the “Channels” menu to add a new channel and then loading the MIDI file into it.
    3. Load your melody MIDI file into a separate channel in the Channel Rack, just like you did with the chord MIDI file.
    4. Now, you should see both the chord and melody channels listed in the Channel Rack.
    5. Open the Piano Roll for one of the channels by clicking on its name in the Channel Rack and selecting “Piano Roll.”
    6. In the Piano Roll, you’ll be able to view and edit the MIDI notes for that specific channel. To view both the chord and melody MIDI together, you can click on the “View” menu in the Piano Roll and select “Helpers” and then choose “Ghost Channels.” This will allow you to see the notes from the other channel as a ghosted overlay.
    7. You can now edit and arrange your melody and chord progressions in the same Piano Roll, making it easier to create harmonically coherent music.

    Remember to make sure that your chord and melody MIDI files are assigned to separate channels in the Channel Rack for this to work effectively.

    Have a great day.


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    Hey Adam, thanks for the tutorial and explanation!

    I try to avoid MIDI Files, as I like to making my beats from scratch.

    But yes, that’s the process to add multiple melodies into one pattern, just simply load your MIDI Files into each individual channel (virtual instrument or sound), then Ghost Notes allow you to see the notes of other channels within that pattern!

    I appreciate your write-up!


    I created my own midi’s. but that explanation did not work.

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    Hey Adam, I’m confused on what you’re asking!

    To trigger notes in FL Studio with a Virtual Instrument, we can do it by:

    1. Right-Click the virtual instrument and select “Piano Roll”, then simply click in your own notes by hand.
    2. Select the virtual instrument so that it’s green in the Channel Rack, then hit record and play your MIDI Keyboard, then hit stop, and the notes will appear in that virtual instrument.
    3. Load in MIDI Notes from a file in FL Studio

    For #3 (which is what you’re asking), a MIDI File can contain chords or melodies..

    Can you please explain further off of that?

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