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    Hi, when uploading beats to, lets say, beatstars, Do we have to upload the whole song stems, or the track sections as well?

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    Hi Rene!  I don’t have too much up-to-date information regarding “selling beats”, as I haven’t looked into this for many years.

    When someone buys a beat, there’s two ways they can purchase:

    1. Purchase a single .MP3 or .WAV beat (where they just put their vocals over)
    2. Purchase the “trackouts”, also known as “audio stems” (this allows them to mix/master the beat for a professional sound

    Option 1 is often lower priced, as it offers less flexibility for the artist.

    Option 2 is often more expensive as it gives the artist more flexibility, and allows them to get a higher-quality end result (studio sound).

    Regarding your question:

    Do we have to upload the whole song stems, or the track sections as well?

    To clarify..

    You are uploading the whole .MP3/.WAV to the customer (for the lower-tiered option).

    You are uploading the whole song in “stems” so the customer can have full flexibility on mixing (for a higher-tier).

    You will learn in this world of online business it’s all about “adding more value” and “upselling” for a better user experience.

    Does this answer your question?  Do you have further information?


    One question I have for you.  Is “how to sell beats” a topic you’d like me to cover to help you along?


    Hello, yes. Ive been a musician for many years. when I started recording, I did mostly jingles for local agencies, several years later I discovered AudioJungle, and I had fun uploading and selling corporate music, but that was 8-9 years ago. Now I returned to give it a shot again, and prices have drop drastically. I talked to a colleague about this, and he said, that I should try beatmaking business and hip hop and trap composition. So here I am… Upside of this, I enjoy now hip hop. But yes, that would be a great topic.

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    Okay, thanks so much for your feedback.

    I’ll try to cover this in such a way to break down the basics of “selling online”, which is the same process for “how to sell beats” as it is “how to sell a digital product” (like a FL Studio Course or a FL Studio Book for the most part).

    (I don’t sell my beats, but I’ll try to break down the process in regards to what tools you can use to help you along.).

    Thanks for your patience, and being a member.

    Please use this questions area ANY TIME as you go along.

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