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Instructor has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist.

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Why Choose FL Studio Lifetime Access Membership?

This program has helped THOUSANDS of producers.

The offer includes LIFETIME Access to my 23 FL Studio courses (and growing.)  Students can instantly stream course videos, ask questions on the private forum, and download high-quality sounds to improve their productions.

What is FL Studio?
FL Studio is a music production program which has gained immense popularity in recent years for its ease of use, lifetime free updates, and superstar producers like Deadmau5, AVICII, 9th Wonder, Boi-1da, and MANY other popular producers using the software.

I provide unparalleled support to my members, as this is my livelihood.
I truly have a passion for teaching.

Included Features:

  • Students track completion progress of each course.
  • Works with all devices – Window, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android (phones/tablets)
  • Courses cover various styles of music – EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop (Top 100)
  • Also covered are the main pillars of music production – Beat Creation, Sound Design, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering, and Distribution.
  • All teachings from a real producer’s perspective
  • Complex topics are easy to understand, without dumbing it down.
  • 23+ Courses on Music Production and over 50+ Hours of Video Content
  • Instant access to the courses upon customer purchase.
  • Amazing testimonials which bring in quality sales.
  • GratuiTous’ FL Studio Lifetime Membership converts very well because of his integrity within the industry.  He has been teaching FL Studio for many years, including the early years of YouTube.
Commission Percentage: How the Program works.

Commission rate is a huge 60%!

The affiliate program is through ClickBank (established in 1998), who is a well-trusted leader which handles third-party affiliate tracking and payments.

The cookie lasts 90 days, so if a customer does not purchase on their first visit, the referral is still possible if purchased within the 90-day timeline!

Potential Earnings:

Lifetime membership = $97 USD  [Make: ~ $53.24 USD after ClickBank fees!]

ClickBank takes 7.5% + $1 from the original price ($97), then you get 60% of that!

Your earnings are never capped!

Super Low Refund Rate!

GratuiTous (the course instructor) has a very good reputation in the industry for FL Studio education.  Refund rates are very low.

Students absolutely love my teaching style, and continually compliment on how I can break down complex topics into easy to understand terminology.

Here’s a quick review from my Advanced Music Production Secrets course:

“I was already knowing about how to make beats and melodies and all that stuff, but really what i needed was not the pure basics. I needed some advanced concepts. AND THIS CLASS HAD GIVEN ME THAT, THANK YOU”

Even my free YouTube tutorials get tons of likes to low dislikes!

How Do You Get Paid?

All payments are handled by ClickBank, the third-party leader in affiliate program management.  You are able to view activities like visits from people you’ve sent to the website, sales, and commissions!

Choose from weekly or bi-monthly payments, and either by check mailed to you, or sent directly into your bank account.  Everything’s fully automated and easy!

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These Tracking IDs can be up to 24 characters, and are used to organize and identify different promotions you have going on.  These Tracking IDs can be added into your HopLink (which you create in the Marketplace).

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Real Testimonials

Thanks for taking the time to roll these lessons out. Your instruction was great and the content was extremely relevant for me. ~ Graysen Walles

I liked the premise of the class and I do feel like the content was very useful for me. I appreciated the way the subject would keep coming back to making beats and not getting too overly-involved with music theory stuff! ~ Tom Stevens

It’s a very very informative course on how the use the mixer in FL Studio and of course in any other DAW. Riley knows absolutely what he’s doing and what’s he’s talking about. I’ve learned a lot of cool things although I’m recording already for a long time but since a year now using FL Studio, before I’ve used Cubase (an awful constantly crashing DAW) Cakewalk and Ableton. Now I’ve been using Ableton Live 10 and FL Studio which I like most of the two. I Highly recommend this course on everyone who records music. Riley is an excellent teacher !! ~ Lieuwe Leeftink

Riley’s a good teacher and his music sounds interesting. I was looking for ways of improving arrangement and the course did give me interesting ideas. ~ Danilo

Exactly what I wanted, Piano for producers. It mentions more advanced concepts for piano players but gets right back to the point of the class, which is Piano for making beats. ~ Luis Roman

This course takes you through the small necessary details of learning piano and building up from that giving really great recourses to learn from and letting you take your time to understand. it was amazing 10/10! ~ BM _123

Top quality and very educational, I have learned a lot with this classes. This teacher deserves more attention ! I recommend it at 150% !!! ~ Joe Smith

I had very little music theory knowledge going into this class as an aspiring music producer. In 29 lessons over 4+ hours, the instructor gave me a framework for creating chords & melodies and building tracks that has me significantly more confident opening my DAW. These lessons are an awesome foundation to build on! ~ Jordan Reisner

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What Kind of Support Do Customers Receive?

This is my online business; it is my livelihood.

Customers receive 100% satisfaction.

Upon purchase, an account is created for them where they get instant access to the courses, private forum, and sounds.

Any problems customers run into, they can contact me directly at Hi [@] itsGratuiTous.com

I will respond within 24 hours.

ClickBank’s return policy is a 90-day window, which I honor.

Contact For Support/Questions

I am ALWAYS here to help!

  • If you want more info on who I am, or the FL Studio LIFETIME Access Membership.
  • Any questions about the affiliate program, marketing, or any promotional ideas.

Simply use my contact form, and we’ll communicate via email!

I hope the best in your endeavors.  My courses truly have helped thousands, and I would love to be business partners with you in this amazing platform I am continuing to nurture.

Producers love my to-the-point courses.
Membership includes unlimited streaming, a private forum to ask me questions, and free presets to improve your productions.

- GratuiTous

FL Studio Community Manager, CEO

Ready to get started?

Make money from a reliable course creator, GratuiTous.
Thanks for your interest, you can reach out with any questions.

Who Is GratuiTous?

Starting music production in 2008, GratuiTous ventured in online education in 2012 where he started a popular website at the time called Beatstruggles.com.  He created over 100+ YouTube tutorials before creating online courses on specific topics.

 He has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist, releases a beat tape series called (8 beat tapes so far), and has written 5 music production books on Amazon.

The most common feedback he receives from his students is:

“GratuiTous, you make complex topics simple to understand.”