I Hope these Drums Improve Your Productions FOREVER..

My drum loop training for beatmakers is called SAFE SPOTS, which includes a book, course, and drum samples. (Read this page for the best drum loop making experience for custom beats).

Drum samples are the difference to a production.. low-quality sounds makes mixing and beatmaking harder.

Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO - Recommended by itsGratuiTous.com

How to Buy a Sound Pack

New to making beats? Read close!!

For custom beats, your sound packs should be one-shot drum samples.. not construction kits (pre-made loops).

To make custom beats, DBTRIO has been a valuable tool for my beatmaking education, and my own beats!

Different Drum Loop Approaches..

You see.. when someone struggles with custom drum loops, pre-made loops are drag & dropped into their DAW..

Would you say this is a “custom beat” ?

There’s a couple issues with pre-made drum loops..

All of these points are actually very bad.

Imagine uploading your song to Spotify, and it gets rejected because it’s not your original work?

And.. you’re not actually learning to be a beatmaker.

Own Your Copyright, Make Your Own Beats!

With high-quality one-shot drum samples you can make your own music (and fairly fight any copyright issues!).

What are one-shot drum samples?

Are Your Sounds High-Quality?

Since 2011, I’ve been teaching beatmaking, and DBTRIO is a great way to get moving with your beats.

Remember, a beat only has two parts:

For melodies, we need virtual instruments (a different topic).

But this page is about Drum Loops.

To make drum loops, you need one-shot drum samples (and they need to be high-quality so your music hits hard).

SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops Bundle by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

My drum loop training is called SAFE SPOTS.

There’s a book, course, and DBTRIO sounds are used:

For the best experience, you may like the membership.

You then follow my COURSE PATHWAYS.

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