Watch this Piano Improvisation.. Powerful Beatmaking Melodies!

If you remember how I learned piano as a beatmaker..

I bumped into an old neighbor where I explained my struggles with the white and black piano notes to working together..

In our first piano lesson, she revealed keys and scales to me..

I remember before this lesson.. I searched YouTube, but the information was not relevant for beatmaking with piano…

The piano videos would focus on:

None of these help producers wanting to make catchy beats..


Because on piano, we beatmakers need to learn:

Now let me be very transparent with you.

My Piano Lessons for Producers course teaches improvisation.. but catchy melodies isn’t something everyone can learn..

My piano training gives the UNDERSTANDING and HOW TO.. but catchy melodies really comes down to ingenuity.

I show you how to apply piano for making beats, but the practicing and fine-tuning your melody making skills will be up to you to constantly practice (..but you get great insight in my piano training).

– GratuiTous

If you KNOW piano is required for powerful beats..

.. Then let me save you HOURS (and maybe years) of learning piano for producers..

You saw me play piano in the video above.. that video was many years ago, too! (I’m still practicing almost EVERY DAY!)

Here’s one more quick piano video of mine!:

Try my Piano Lessons for Producers course here:

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