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Hey, it’s GratuiTous!  I’m a FL Studio Trainer focused on making beatmaking fun (with professional results!)

My platform offers 32 beatmaking courses!!  (Learn piano, drum loops, arrangement, mixing, mastering, organization, sound design, and clear direction music!)


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Recognized FL Studio Trainer - GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
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An Easy Way to Learn FL Studio..

GratuiTous is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer who has been teaching beatmaking since 2011.  He’s known for simple and to the point training that gets producers up and running with best practices with it comes to making beats at a professional level.

His dedicated platform to learn FL Studio has 32 Music Production Courses with over 70 Hours of Content.. and 450+ Premium FL Studio Tutorials..

Many times people ask, “Why FL Studio Courses instead of YouTube?”.

The short answer is premium quality experience for you.

Here’s a quick list of all the current beatmaking courses in the platform:

10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Course
5 Golden Pillars of Music Production - FL Studio Course
A-Specific-Music-Production-Folder - FL Studio Course
Advanced Music Production Secrets Course
All-About-Filters - FL Studio Course
Automation-Clips-Automatically-Control-Parameters - FL Studio Course
Beat-Walkthrough-Series-1 - FL Studio Course
Creating-Organic-Beats - FL Studio Course
Essential-Gear-Needed-to-Make-Beats - FL Studio Course
Foundational-Drum-Loop-Basics - FL Studio Course
How-to-Use-A-MIDI-Keyboard-as-a-Beatmaker - FL Studio Course
How-to-Use-an-Audio-Interface-as-a-Beatmaker - FL Studio Course
Music-Theory-and-Chords-for-Beatmakers - FL Studio Course
Musical-Rhythms - FL Studio Course
Online Music Distribution Course (Digital Music Distribution Course) - How to Get Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music
Record-Vocals-With-No-Latency - Music Course
Releasing-a-Professional-Beat-Tape - FL Studio Course
SAFE-SPOTS-Create-Amazing-Drum-Loops - Drum Loop Course
Sample-Your-Own-Music - FL Studio Course
Sound-Design-Basics-101 - FL Studio Course
Sound Selection in Beats Course (GratuiTous FL Studio Course)
Using-EQ-Effectively-In-Your-Songs - FL Studio Course
Why-We-Producers-Use-Compression - Music Audio Compression Course

If you are desiring to create professional beats like the audio player just below, GratuiTous will teach you step-by-step how to get started with FL Studio, what’s the best music production equipment, how to properly use your sounds, and release your music at a professional level.

GratuiTous has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist, is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and loves to learn best practices and has a DO-IT-YOURSELF mindset.

You will learn to become a WELL-ROUNDED MUSIC PRODUCER who creates their own style of music.

Popular Tracks by GratuiTous:

In addition to the 32 Beatmaking Courses, you also get premium support..

That means a PRIVATE QUESTION AREA to ask GratuiTous questions.

And.. the COURSE PATHWAYS for proven training which teaches music production in as little as 3 months!  (Results vary based on how eager you are to learn, how much you watch the videos, AND.. if you’re actually practicing what you’re seeing in the videos).

GratuiTous will teach you HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN STYLE OF MUSIC.. You will have the most enjoyment learning to create custom beats and understand the full music production process this way..

COURSE PATHWAYS - GratuiTous' FL Studio Training Platform

Course Pathways (Training Curriculum)

Students always say.. “COURSE PATHWAYS HELPED SO MUCH!”..


It’s simple!

Start @ Beginner.. Work your way through each course.. and stop to practice things for the “hands-on learning” you’re looking for.


Have you asked questions only to get weak and unhelpful answers?  Not around here!

Ask GratuiTous 1-on-1 questions to get DETAILED RESPONSES back ASAP!

It’s as easy as logging into your account, submitting a question, and receiving a response directly to your email from GratuiTous!


Frequently Asked Questions

You just need the Producer Version of FL Studio, and an internet connection to get started learning how to make beats with FL Studio through my courses.

(I personally suggest the Signature Edition of FL Studio – Learn more about what version of FL Studio to buy.)

If you decide to sign-up for my $9/month offer, you gain instant streaming access to watch all 32 of my FL Studio beatmaking courses!  You can watch the videos on any device when you log into your account!

For the BEST experience, you’ll want to have FL Studio, but even if you use another DAW like Ableton, Logic, or Reason, you will still greatly benefit from my courses!

This is because I teach the foundations of HOW TO MAKE A BEAT!

You see.. that’s what you need to learn.. HOW TO MAKE A BEAT!

The tools we use to make a beat doesn’t matter so much nowadays as most DAWs are becoming so similar..

But the thing you need to learn is YOUR OWN WORKFLOW.. which only comes with time.

It’s like learning a construction trade (electrician, plumber, etc).. once you learn the art of beatmaking, it doesn’t matter where you go in the industry, you will understand the core concepts of how to make a beat.

To make a beat, I use FL Studio and a MIDI Keyboard.. that’s essentially my workflow, and it’s amazing.

Inside the membership there is a course for how to set up your midi keyboard and how to use the program, but ultimately.. you will learn how to be a well-rounded producer.

Listen to my beats above to hear if you like my style.. I like creating all types of beats like dance beats, hip-hop beats.. and not following the trends..  Finding YOUR OWN SOUND is the end goal here.

(Some students have really taken off in as little as 3 months!)

See you inside if you sign-up!

You can click here to take start the checkout process.

If you didn’t read the first FAQ question… in short..

No you don’t need to use FL Studio to enroll in these music production courses, because I teach you the basics of learning how to make beats.

The knowledge will apply to ANY DAW you use.. however you may have to figure out how to do the similar technique inside your music program (sometimes it could be under a different window, and rarely.. your DAW may not have the feature I am applying..)

I would say you will get the BEST EXPERIENCE if you use FL Studio.. but if you are willing to watch my videos on FL Studio, even though you don’t use it, you will still learn a lot!

I teach you about good music equipment to buy if you use FL Studio, how to set it all up, and get a great workflow..

There is so much I can share with you about making beats, using FL Studio, and even how to run the business side of things to a point.. such as setting up proper branding, your email list (which is EVERYTHING for an online business), and so much more!

You can click here to enroll now.. try it out!

After your purchase, an account is created with your email!

You will be able to access the courses instantly, and download any products you chose to add to your order through the checkout experience.

At the end of the checkout process, you will have all your order information presented to you in an organized table.

I promise you the premium tools I suggest to you are worth your time and money.. they are quality, allow you to work fast, and are the EXACT tools I use..

You will get the absolute best learning experience if you use the same sounds and use the same template I have.. (but you do not need them.. the courses alone will be super helpful).

You can find your own sounds out there.. but I know how hard it is to find good quality sounds.. as I went through this buying stage as well when I first started up.. You’ll be able to get the premium drum samples I use in my courses at special pricing if you enroll for $9/month!

I hope you do not miss my offers when you enroll.  You will save a lot of money, have high-quality tools, and make your music making process the most fun and enjoyable in my platform.

It also keeps my website operating the best it possibly can with your purchase!  👍

To get started for only $9/month, click here to start your checkout process!

Tutorials are great, and they were tremendously helpful when I started.. I have to give a huge shoutout to the original FL Studio Guru and NFX from back in the day..

But, sometimes, YouTube tutorials are hard to find your answer, or there are distracting advertisements..

The benefit of my courses is not only is it a distraction-free environment, but the videos are meant to be watched one after the next.. you get to see STEP-BY-STEP what we are covering in that course!

Plus.. you can easily rewind and listen again (which you’ll have to do if you really want to learn.. sometimes students have watched the same course over a couple times as they’ve found some of them so valuable.. like my course FL Studio Mixer Workflow.. which is included in this $9/month offer!)

Students say my courses are concise, and straight to the point so you can focus on your learning..

Remember, this is about YOU HERE.. not me..

I am passionate about high-quality education, and I hope that’s the experience you will feel when you follow my course pathways which students have LOVED!!   You simply watch the courses in the order I laid out for the best learning experience!

Course pathways is a page that lists my courses by skill level..

When you enroll, I recommend using this page, as you will be able to grasp the concepts much easier when you go from one course to the next.

Students have said course pathways is invaluable to them!

Here is what the course pathways page looks like..

There’s a QUESTIONS page where you can EASILY ask me a question!

I will respond typically within 1 DAY!!

I love getting your questions!  It lets me know you are learning because you are reaching out for help.. plus it also gives me content to write about or make new videos on! 


This platform is my way of helping you reach that goal.

Try it out for only $9/month.. and let’s see if I can help you make the beats you’ve been desiring to create!

My email is here if you have questions:

Or you can use my contact form for convenience!


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Let’s get you making better beats!

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