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5 Golden Pillars of Music Production

This is the beatmaking course to take your productions to the next level. Contained inside are 5 Golden Pillars of…

Audio Painting in Action [PART 1]

Here’s your first real look at Audio Painting in-depth.

This video covers Looking for My Love (off BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 8) which shows you in great detail the mindset you should be having when ARRANGING your song.

(Notice my use of transitions to bring in and remove different song parts!)

Learn More About Audio Painting:

A really cool perspective I teach in my Audio Painting Book is that when someone listens to your song, it’s like your listener is on an emotional roller-coaster ride (which we producers are in control of).

When they sit down, they are locked in and the ride SLOWLY brings them up to the top.. then what happens?

People raise their hands, and the ride drops down FAST for the rush of the ride.. (this is just like building the listener up to the chorus, then the chorus drops, and they’re in for the ride of your song, which we producers are in control of!)

Audio Painting Book by Riley Weller (GratuiTous)

Audio Painting is the Difference!

So try it out in your own beats!

I usually find the order goes like this:


I usually like to approach audio painting once the beat is pretty much complete.

When I do my WALK AROUND TEST (free podcast), this is where I start trying to be really creative with AUDIO PAINTING, and prepare the listener.

The Walk Around Test by GratuiTous
LOL.. maybe not like this..
Learn more about the WALK AROUND TEST

Whether this is using different transitions, or mixing up different instruments from VERSE 1 to VERSE 2.. the WALK AROUND TEST goes hand-in-hand with this audio painting stuff.. it REALLY helps!

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5-Golden-Pillars-of-Music-Production - FL Studio Course

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