[BONUS] OUTRO – READ to See Results

As mentioned, I would have loved to put this as Golden Pillar #1, but just like backing up, it’s BORING.. right?

But once you start getting good at producing, and truly seeing results, you start craving for more information (which gives you the answers you’re looking for).

The first place is the USER MANUAL..

FL Studio’s help manual is powerful because there are HOTSPOTS, which when clicked on, get your information fast (you can hit F1 in FL Studio to open a help page for that particular plugin).

Here’s more info on how to use FL Studio’s help manual!

Books and tutorials are useful, but the help manual is usually the best, most accurate information, AND fastest..

I hope the best with your music, and be careful with your Copyright.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 Golden Pillars of Music Production course!

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