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How to Use FL Studio’s Help Manual

So you want to be a producer, hey?

Well, that’s awesome!

But I’ll tell you right now, there’s actually a lot of reading involved to be able to achieve the productions you want.

YouTube videos, blogs like this one you’re reading right now, and even books can really only help you so much.

Sometimes you just gotta dive right into the DAW’s help manual.

Borrrrrring, right?

Don’t worry! – I’m going to share with you an amazing trick to tremendously speed up your time when finding your answer inside FL Studio’s help manual. Keep reading!

I do quite a bit of research on a regular basis, and what I’ve discovered is it’s actually a skill to be able to find the knowledge you’re seeking.

You may have to sift through forums, videos, blog write-ups, etc. And even then, you may still only get half the answer!

I just wanted to say, I’m actually super grateful for how easy the FL Studio manual is to navigate, and the details within. It’s taught me a lot, and if you want to get better at FL Studio, then you better start reading the FL Studio manual, too!

So are you ready?

FL Studio makes searching in their manual incredibly easy because you can simply click on areas inside an image, and it will take you to more information on that section!

It’s INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, and saves you a crazy amount of time.

So here’s how it works.

Let’s say you have a question about the playlist.

Within FL Studio, open the playlist so that it’s in focus and press F1.

This will open up a help manual that is specifically about the playlist; howbeit, a general overview.

If you’re wanting to focus on a more specific element of the playlist, many times you can actually click on the element inside the image, and it will automatically take you there!

If you look closely at the image above, I hovered my mouse over Audio Clips, and my mouse cursor changed to a hand telling me I’m able to click on it!

Let’s do another example, let’s say I had some questions about Slicex.

I’d open up the Slicex plugin, press F1, and it’d bring me to the Slicex help manual page.

I’ve placed three red arrows in the image above; that’s because the help manual has three different sections with information: Master Panel, Articulation Panel, Wave Editor.

Click in any of these areas, and you’ll be brought to more information on them! (And hopefully, your answer!)

And that’s how simple it is.

This trick saves me tons of time, and now it will save you tons of time, too!

Enjoy 😀

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