5 Keys – Email #4
Real Beats Before Your Eyes!

I decided to show you some of my beats.

The beats are made from scratch!

If you’re serious about learning beatmaking… but can’t find the information you’re after.. my platform to will teach you.

Professional Beats [SECRETS REVEALED]

Do you struggle with catchy melodies?

Do you get stuck at a loop.. but can’t make a song?

Do you know how to play piano as a beatmaker?

Do your drums sound weak in your drum loops?

Do your mixes sound bad compared to your favorite songs?

My Proven Method to Learn Beatmaking!

Any questions you have.. or wherever you’re stuck, I have probably answered the question and guided my students to truly breaking free, and enjoying beatmaking!

All the answers are in my COURSE PATHWAYS. (More info below)

Being a beatmaking educator since 2011.. I’ve taught over 50,000 students of all types and ages.. from 14 to 50+ years old!

Recognized FL Studio Trainer - GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
GratuiTous is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer!

Here’s your opportunity for me to teach you beatmaking!

Students like my COURSE PATHWAYS.

It’s like my college curriculum for beatmakers!

Being a member grants you access to all the courses to learn at your own pace.. you can then follow course pathways at your own leisure, from the comfort of your own home!

College for Beatmakers?

Here’s a quick story…

A student joined the platform on FIRE to learn beatmaking..

They read my FL Studio Beginner Book, and watched my FL Beginner Course.. They were doing good.. and I told them to keep at it.. they were on track for success!

But.. they thought “going to college for music production” would help them..

I told them they wouldn’t learn beatmaking at college..

You learn things like how microphones work, how your DAW works, how big mixing console works, how to record, etc..

But this is not beatmaking!

You see.. “music production” is a MASSIVE industry!

For example.. we need audio for things like:

Not anyone can be a beatmaker..

Beatmaking requires a unique set of skills.

Just because someone is an “audio professional” doesn’t mean they are a beatmaker.

A beatmaker specializes in:

You may think this isn’t very “specialized”.. but go and try to make a catchy beat.. It’s harder than you think!

You’ll then notice that the best beats are so simple they become creative (just like my 5 Keys Book!)

Anyways.. long-story-short..

This student went to music college… and emailed me a year later explaining that music college did not teach them what they wanted for beatmaking.

They spent a large amount of money with little results..

Course Pathways is your Answer!

So give my course pathways a try!

It’s like a college curriculum for beatmakers (and affordable)!

Plus.. I’m here to help if you ever have questions here:

Real Results, Professional Beats

If you need proof.. just listen to my beats in the video above!

My platform teaches custom beatmaking!

It’s all setup and ready when you are!

I don’t like following the trends! I just like being myself to enjoy beatmaking for the long-term!

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