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What is The Melody Minute?

It’s a free on-going video series which teaches piano from a beatmaker’s perspective.

This is the original Piano Lessons for Producers teacher who released the course in 2017!

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The ORIGINAL Creator of
Piano Lessons for Producers!

In 2017, GratuiTous originally came out with the “Piano for Beatmakers” course.  There have been many remakes within the industry costing a large amount of money.  The course by GratuiTous (the original “Piano Lessons for Beatmakers and Producers”) is affordable, and has PROVEN RESULTS to teach you improvisation and catchy melodies as a producer!


Piano for Beatmakers

First Edition: "PIANO for Beatmakers and Producers" series. (Released 2017!)
1st edition

Piano Lessons for Producers

Second Edition: "PIANO Lessons for Producers" series. (Released 2019)

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(Note, GratuiTous uses FL Studio as his main DAW of choice, and he’s a RECOGNIZED FL STUDIO TRAINER.. however, this piano course will relate to ANY DAW or ANY WAY you make beats, and want to use a piano to make your own melodies from scratch .. no pre-made drum loops or pre-made midi packs).
As Seen On The Music Industry's Most Reputable Websites!:
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The Melody Minute with GratuiTous
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