Creating Drum Loops is Easier than You Think..
But the Secrets are Hard to Find!!

SAFE SPOTS is a Drum Loop Training Curriculum for Making Beats

SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Training contains
a Book and Video Training by GratuiTous.

For the best drum loop training experience, add-on the Drum Bundle TRIO sound kit at checkout!

From the desk of GratuiTous..

I still remember to date the hardest part of learning beatmaking..

Creating drum loops..

I was so confused about where I could place my sounds..

  • WHERE to use drum sounds?
  • WHEN to use the sounds?
  • What emotions do these sounds have on our listener?

I practiced different drum loop combinations for months!

Dance, Hip-Hop.. Emotional Beats..

I knew SOUND PLACEMENT would take my beatmaking skills to the next level…

Then I finally cracked the code!

I started understanding SOUND PLACEMENT!!

My beatmaking skills reached a new level..

I’m now making amazing drum loops for dance and emotional beats!

The Current State of "Drum Loops" for Beatmaking

Over my years of educating, I’ve noticed people often struggle with drum loops.

They either use pre-made drum loops (I don’t consider this producing.. ❌)

Or, their drum placement is super rigid.. and doesn’t sound musical! 😴

Or.. even worse.. they’re using the SAME SOUNDS OVER AND OVER.. 💔

Wouldn’t you like to break free from the trends?

You understand music trends come and go FAST, right?

If you don’t find your own SIGNATURE SOUND.. you will not last long!

SAFE SPOTS - Drum Loop Placement Made Easy!

Sound Placement is the First Place to Start to Understand How to Program Drum Loops for Beats.

But I totally get why people want to use a pre-made drum loop..


But once you learn to make drum loops, it gives the most control as a producer.

Your skills will become unmatched.. you will become a true producer!

Ready to taste how easy SAFE SPOTS makes drum loop creation?

Here’s an image from my SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Curriculum:

What are SAFE SPOTS explained!

Sound placement and music theory is very overwhelming when new..

So I designed SAFE SPOTS to make sound placement EASY to understand when you create your drum loops!

SAFE SPOTS is my drum loop training to help producers make amazing drum loops.

Let’s cover the image above:

It shows that 1 BEAT has 4 STEPS..

This repeats for each BEAT!  So once you learn 1 BEAT, you’re on your way!

Now each of the 4 STEPS in a BEAT gives a different impact to our listener!

That’s what SAFE SPOTS teaches you..  where to place sounds (sound placement), and the emotional impact each STEP has on our listener!

It will rapidly decreases your learning time to make powerful drum loops for your CUSTOM BEATS! (no pre-made drum loops!)

SAFE SPOTS Book: Create Amazing Drum Loops by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

Sound Placement is just the Tip of the Iceberg..

My discoveries of Sound Placement were life-changing to my beats.

However, SAFE SPOTS is only a small part of the “safe spots drum loop book”.

Let me reveal the biggest secret of all..


SAFE SPOTS Book: Create Amazing Drum Loops by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

These ORGANIC TOOLS are actually FREE inside any DAW!

And… they are actually more powerful than expensive plugins..

And.. you’re probably thinking I’m lying, right?

But answer this question.. “How long have you been producing music?”

Producers Don’t Understand the Power of “MIDI”.

When I say MIDI is more powerful than plugins, you may be confused.

But if you’ve made it this far, I promise you MIDI actually is superior..

These free MIDI Tools I call ORGANIC TOOLS because they’re FREE!

And both SAFE SPOTS (sound placement) and ORGANIC TOOLS (free MIDI Tools) are all revealed in my SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Training..

Here’s one more image I’ll share from the book..

SAFE SPOTS Book: Create Amazing Drum Loops by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

You don’t just learn about sound placement (SAFE SPOTS)..

Or.. just about these free MIDI Tools (ORGANIC TOOLS)…

You learn how to become a great producer who knows how to create their own drum loops from scratch… this relates to any genre, as you’re taught basic drum loop principles at a professional level.

Most people think the basics are boring.. They’re wrong!

The basics allow you to become advanced.

People are deceived into thinking expensive plugins are what advance their productions, which has some truth (I’ll explain), but a good beat starts from the basics.

ONCE THE BASICS ARE CREATED.. then plugins come into play.

Does that make sense?

Plugins ENHANCE what you’ve created.

But if your creation skills are weak.. plugins can only help so much.

SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops Bundle by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

Take Control of Your Beats with Custom Drum Loops..

Please give my SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Training a try >>

I promise you will be grateful you did.

The Best SAFE SPOTS Experience

Please read close if you want to the best drum loop training.

SAFE SPOTS is a Book, Course, and there’s a Drum Kit, too.

You can mix/match as you please, but the BEST EXPERIENCE is getting the Book, Course, and Sounds.

SAFE SPOTS Book: Create Amazing Drum Loops by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)


151 Pages
81 Images

Bonus:  4 Example Drum Loop Projects to Download and Study in back of the book!
(for FL Studio Users)

SAFE-SPOTS-Create-Amazing-Drum-Loops - Drum Loop Course


10 Videos
1 Hour Long

Step-by-step how to create a drum loop, understand sound placement, and how ORGANIC TOOLS work!

Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO

Drum Bundle TRIO

2,300 Drum Samples

I used this drum kit by Xclusive-Audio in the book and course.  They’re premium drum samples.

SAFE SPOTS is a Drum Loop Training Curriculum for Making Beats

SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Training contains
a Book and Video Training by GratuiTous.