Sound Selection in Beats Course (GratuiTous FL Studio Course)

Sound Selection in Beats

How to use sound selection in beatmaking.  Discover sound selection tips to make your beats clear and mixing easy!

What is Wise Sound Selection

When we talk about sound selection, we are really talking about the frequency spectrum.

If you look at any frequency analyzer to view the frequency spectrum, you’ll see it typically shows 20Hz to 20,000Hz (20kHz).

This is all based off our human ears, as anything lower then 20Hz we typically feel, and above 20,000Hz we cannot hear (realistically, most humans can’t even hear 20,000Hz!).

This makes understanding sound selection really important, because we’re restricted to 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

To combat this, we take advantage of long and short sounds, or fast and slow sounds. We can also choose more or less aggressive sounds, meaning if a sound has more frequencies than another (such as applying distortion on a sound).

Remember, that’s what TIMBRE is (pronounced TAMBER).. The same fundamental note is the same pitch to our ears, but the frequencies on top give us a different flavor (timbre) of sound.

The final thing to say here is that low frequencies are SLOW MOVING, meaning if there’s clashing of frequencies in the low-end, you’ll really hear it. And when it comes to a beat.. YOUR LOW-END NEEDS TO HIT NICE..

This is where wise sound selection comes into play.. such as when choosing long-tailed or short-tailed drums when using bass lines and 808’s, for example..

That’s what we cover next.

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Sound Selection in Beats Course (GratuiTous FL Studio Course)

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