Single Notes vs. Chords Fullness

This one is a super pro-tip!

Single notes take up less space than chords!

A chord is full and beautiful sounding! But.. it takes up A LOT of space compared to a single note!

A good beat will usually have a combination of both single note melodies and chord melodies.

This will help your beat to sound full, and the single note melodies will be able to cut through without taking up as much space.

In terms of melody creation.. the single note melodies are often what we remember most, and usually are most powerful in the chorus.. but like most “rules” in music.. there aren’t any rules, these are just things I’ve noticed over the years.

In short, single notes take up less frequencies than chords.. so just keep that in mind if your beat is becoming full, and you want to add in more instruments and make mixing easier.

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