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What’s the Point of a Microphone Stand?

Microphone Stand

Why Do You Need a Mic Stand?

While recording audio for an album, it’s very important to get the best audio signal you can get into the computer. If you have the microphone in your hand, there’s a huge possibility to pick up movement of your hands on the mic.

Therefore, you get a microphone stand to let it sit in one place, and try to get the highest quality recording!

What Kind of Mic Stand Do I Own?

The sticker says Profile, but I tried to search their website and could not find it. The price was about $20, and for the price, the quality is amazing! It holds the mic anyway I want to place it and is decently strong.

What’s that Panty Hose in Front of the Mic?

It’s called a pop filter to prevent plosives.

What’s a plosive? Think of words like purple, pepper, please, stop.

Where ever a P is, try to emphasis the P! That pop of the P blows out extra air than most letters, and therefore, a pop filter blocks almost all the wind going to the microphone.

What’s the Big Deal with Plosives in a Vocal Track?

I have actually ruined recordings because of plosives! I said a P or something similar too loud, and it distorted the vocal at the time to a degree that wasn’t really fixable.

Although, there is a way to fix plosives! You take a high pass/low cut filter, and sweep it in until you hear it effect the vocal, then back off a little bit to where it’s not noticeable.

This is because most of the plosive is in the low-end, so by cutting it out with an EQ on the vocal will help the accident ;).

Moral of the Story,

A microphone stand will provide you with much higher quality recordings. Also, a pop filter is quite important too, but there are ways around it such as standing a few feet back from the microphone, or even moving a bit closer, but turning your vocalist to the side of the microphone, so they aren’t speaking directly into the mic! (This also helps with ESS sounds, and keeps the fullness of the voice). But a microphone stand is a must for high quality recordings, you can’t really get away without a mic stand.

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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