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What Is The Bible?

So what actually is the Bible?

What’s inside the Bible? Is it just God telling us what to do and that we are sinners? Well in many areas yes. But the Bible is full of so many life changing stories that relate to our lives to this day. Stories that God uses to change our hearts and mindsets on people, our attitudes on life, and our actions etc. It is full of psalms which are a bunch of songs written from the hearts of men past, a bunch of wise sayings which are called proverbs, stories, and most important, what God has to say.

Some of the most powerful times that I have read the Bible is when it says “Thus saith the LORD” and He points something out in my life that I know I have to change.

Most of the time whenever I go to talk to someone about the Bible or Jesus, right away, and I mean right away lol, they have a bad thought about God. Instantly. I say a few WORDS about the Bible and right away they have a super negative attitude towards the Bible. But then I will ask a question like, “Have ever read even a sentence in the Bible?”, and the answer is usually no.

The Bible is the only book in this world that teaches you how to have real life. — One thing that always surprises me is when there are Bible questions on Jeopardy, almost all the contestants know the answers! — Yet I always think to myself, but do they have a personal relationship with Jesus?

It’s so sad to see that people judge something so fast that they have never even attempted to try themselves, yet, this is the only thing in this world that can offer salvation — (Heaven).

Usually the first time I introduce someone to the Bible, they think of it as just a normal book. A book that you start from page 1, and end at well.. the end page lol, which would be like a 1000+ pages for the Bible. Although the Bible has many stories and poems, the Bible is not like your average book. As you read His WORD, He shows you things. Sometimes the things He shows you hits your heart so hard, it feels like a knife has been stabbed in your heart. But this is good! This is God revealing to us our sin which He wants to help us turn from. God wants to change us, but we have to be willing and obedient.

You may be thinking change from what? Well.. if you are not free from sin that means that you are living in bondage, allowing your sin to control your life, what ever that may be. Everyone has their own and different temptations. But if we do not go to God and ask for Him to set us free from our sin it will eventually destroy our lives by:

  1. Tearing apart our families, relationships, friendships, and things that we enjoy doing in life because we never dealt with the sin. Instead we hide it down deep for no one to see, but it will come back eventually, whether it be the next day, or in 30 years! (So deal with it now!)
  2. Being angry and not forgiving cause you haven’t been forgiven. A person will continue to feel guilty and will take it out on others rather than again, not dealing with the sin!
  3. We all die and will be held accountable for our sin/what we’ve done before God. God is giving us a choice right now between Life (Heaven) or Death (Hell). It’s either Jesus or death.

You may also be thinking, “Obedient? .. What do you mean.. like as if I tell my dog to heel?”. Well.. lol, ya, God wants us to be obedient and obey his ways, but what God says about obedience is, if you are obedient to His WORD, blessings shall come, but if you choose to deny God and follow your own ways, cursings will come. A very interesting read is Deuteronomy 28. Either Google it or check out the link here.

Obeying God is not like telling your dog to come/heel, but is just a good example to use for obedience. If you can imagine how much your dog loves you with it’s unfailing love, imagine God’s 100x more.

All through school I never read my books for English class etc. I never found an interest in reading ever. But the Bible and it’s stories have got me reading for the past 2-3 years every day. The Bible is full of amazing stories that you would never even imagine. The most fiction of stories cannot even compare to the unreal events that happen inside the Bible.

“I guess the only way for you to know is to read it yourself”



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