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SAFE SPOTS is a Drum Loop Training Curriculum.
It includes a Book and Course About Drum Loops for Beats

SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops Bundle by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
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SAFE SPOTS is my teaching approach for learning how to create awesome drum loops inside FL Studio’s Channel rack.

In my early years, I struggled to understand where I was allowed to place my sounds within this Channel rack..

By default, FL Studio’s Channel rack loads up 4 BEATS..

And inside each BEAT, there are 4 STEPS..

It goes 4 GREY STEPS then 4 RED STEPS..

When it changes from GREY to RED, a new BEAT begins!

SAFE SPOTS takes these 4 STEPS, and looks at them without getting into technical “music theory jargon” !!

I’ve labelled each STEP as (reference the Image 1.1 above):

  • STEP 1 – ON-BEAT

What Does the Book Teach?

SAFE SPOTS Book: Create Amazing Drum Loops by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)

*Requires FL Studio version 20.7 or higher, and the third-party sounds recommended.   (You can still learn without the third-party sounds, as I have provided .WAV loops to reference, but it isn’t the same learning experience).

WHAT ARE The Various Organic tools?

The first half of the book covers SAFE SPOTS

The second half covers the secret tools of the music industry..  (they are the fundamentals!)

It’s what I call the ORGANIC TOOLS.. And they will change the way you make beats forever..

Producers seek “new and expensive plugins”, thinking that is their answer to overcome producer’s block (like writer’s block!)

But using these ORGANIC TOOLS, you will never get stuck with your music ever again..  You can essentially force your music to work by a matter of using various ORGANIC TOOLS to mix and match different techniques.

Many producers don’t know about these, because they are boring and not flashy, like a plugin.

But just like any good athlete, or classical piano player.. they have ingrained the basics in them.  They have spent HOURS practicing the fundamentals, and they are now true professionals.

My SAFE SPOTS Book will teach you many of these ORGANIC TOOLS.  View them in the bottom green section of the image: “ORGANIC TOOLS CONDIMENTS”

Let me give you 2 examples..

These examples come right from my SAFE SPOTS Book, so if you like the examples, there tons more in the book with 85 IMAGES and 151 Pages!

Example #1: Organic Tool - Velocity

I used VELOCITY on the highlighted hi-hats for "bounce". (RED Notes)

We can use VELOCITY to reduce VOLUME of individual notes to give a “human” flavor to the loop!

Why do this?  Hi-hats can sound “robotic” if played too consistent.. (a problem with digital music).  This “humanizes” it!


I have used panning on SNARE 2 and SNARE 3 for WIDENESS!

Create WIDE snare hits with PANNING, instead of using a “plugin” for wideness!  (Plugins can cause major problems for compatibility in stereo.. this approach is much more “organic!”)

Good Drum Loops Don't Have to Be Hard!

So if you’re serious about learning drum loops..

My SAFE SPOTS teaching is available in both Book and Course formats.

There is also a Book + Course + Sounds bundle.  The sounds are highly recommended for the best learning experience inside the SAFE SPOTS Book’s BONUS SECTION.

You have my 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If you’re not happy, email me!
SAFE SPOTS is REALLY easy.. you will learn so much,
and your drum loops will get MUCH better!



SAFE SPOTS is a drum loop training curriculum, available in Book or Course format.
(Grabbing the Drum Bundle TRIO Sounds will give the best learning experience).

About The Author

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) has been producing music for over 10 years, and uses FL Studio as his only DAW.

He’s worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist, has 14 music releases of his own, and has created 30 FL Studio courses!

He is passionate about education.

Riley Weller (GratuiTous) - Recognized FL Studio Trainer
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