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We’ve Only Just Met


We’ve Only Just Met was my first official album I released onto iTunes.

This was a huge stepping stone production wise, while also pronouncing my faith in Christ to the world, and to those who know me personally.

It’s actually amazing the amount of work and effort that goes into releasing an album. It can be physically and emotionally draining.

It requires a lot of planning, and it never hurts to have others check over your work before the final release.

Meaning of the Album Title:

I met the Lord around 2010. I then released this album, We’ve Only Just Met, in the beginning of 2012; January 17, 2012 to be exact 😉 .

In one’s walk with Jesus, it is not a quick process, or just read the bible and know it. It’s an on-going relationship.

Just like a marriage, you must endure, make time to spend with each other, keep pressing when things are hard, and continually seek the Father as the pinnacle of the marriage.

Pension Plan at 21 Years Old ?

Oh ya, back in high school I worked at a grocery store. Each paycheck I received went into a pension plan. After putting in my 2 weeks, I received some mail telling me I was able to be paid out my money I put into the pension plan.

Go figure – At the age of 21 I received a pension plan to help pay for this album to get mastered at a professional studio.

We must eat the word of God to continue to be strong.

Eat His Word, and be strengthened.

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