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Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol. 1 – REVIEW

Now I did find a company that organizes all the files for you, and they also have unbelievably good sounding kicks — probably “the leading standard”, they are called They are so crisp its unreal. The pack that I purchased from them was called Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol. 1. I usually get kicks that have a loud sound, but have a weak end to them. These kicks from Vengeance-sounds are so powerful it makes all my other sounds not even compete. I was so happy when I received my sounds. Especially with my sub woofer, you could hear it through the whole house. Their sounds are honestly amazing, but in this world, you do get what you pay for.

Beatstruggles - Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol. 1

They are expensive, $100(CAD) a sound pack, but it gives you about 300 Kicks, and 1,200 sounds all together just in the 1 pack. The cymbals and hi-hats they come with are very good also, same with all the other sounds – claps, snares, percs etc. But the kicks are top of the line from what I have found and listened to so far. So you do get what you pay for, and I am very happy with them, I usually don’t have a beat without their kicks in it. They give you such variety in their packs!

The funny thing is, they are techno sounds, yet they sound awesome when it comes to rap beats lol. I would highly recommend this sound pack, yes it is expensive, but yes quality. The kicks honestly pound.


As I said, these kicks are wow. 300 kicks of just solid bass and the rest of the sounds are awesome. Ya $100 dollars, but I would recommend buying this pack over 4 $30 packs!

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