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Using the Mackie Control Universal in FL Studio

Here’s a video showing you how to use the Mackie Control with FL Studio:

I also have a video showing how to install/set up the Mackie Control in FL Studio.

And, here’s some notes to take into account:

Mackie Control Universal with FL Studio

I always wanted to get that hands-on mix session; when I saw the Mackie Control Universal, I knew it would be a great purchase. But was it a good purchase?

FL Studio is a phenomenal production program. It allows for amazing beats with a real nice workflow.

But if you’ve played with FL Studio for awhile, you may of run into some hardships when trying to combine both hardware and FL Studio itself.

By all means, hardware works, but I’m talking about the continuity/relationship of automatic mapping of your hardware’s knobs and sliders.

Most DAWs and MIDI devices offer some type of Automapping; as soon as you open up a plugin or VST, the knobs/sliders of your MIDI device are automatically assigned to the VST’s parameters.

This allows for super quick modulation, and allows for quicker creativity to flow!

By all means you can do this manually inside FL Studio, and achieve the same result. But wouldn’t it be nice, and save time, if it were automatically done for you? This is just something where I feel FL Studio is lacking.

In my honest opinion, you may want a device like the Mackie so bad, but I can tell you from experience it is not beneficial to your workflow, inside FL Studio at least.

Stick to your mouse and keyboard, and you’ll save yourself time, effort, and money!

By no means am I saying the Mackie is bad, just the relationship between the Mackie and FL Studio isn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be.

Check the video above to see the motorized faders in action!

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