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Using Noisetrade to Capture Emails as an Artist/Beatmaker

If your new to online marketing, let me introduce you to the importance of a newsletter, and having customers emails that they have signed up for. If you’re just getting started up beatmaking, I’d highly recommend reading Do You Have a Newsletter?

The reason why a newsletter is so important with an online business is because it’s free marketing to customers who have signed up by them self! Notice how I said, that they have signed up for. Since they have signed up by them self, these are the people who are interested in what your selling, sharing, or talking about! Whereas, if you advertise somewhere else.. you may not be reaching the people who are interested in your service. This makes a newsletter very unique, powerful, and a must.

If you release a new product, beat, or want to share something, those are your clients, customers and fans! — Send an email whenever you want! — And guess what? It’s all free. (Most newsletter companies allow free for a limit of under 2,000 subscribers which is pretty good! — After that, you have to start paying.)

I like to use MailChimp for my newsletter.

Now, if you see where I’m going with this, I’m telling you a newsletter is a must in this industry. There’s many different avenues you can take, as that’s what makes marketers stand out from one another, but in this post, I want to introduce you to NoiseTrade, and how to use it to capture emails of clients, and fans, who actually want to stay up to date with you!

What’s NoiseTrade?


NoiseTrade is a website, or I guess you could say platform, which has been built for you to capture your customers emails. They have built a very attractive layout which allows people to preview your tracks, leave a tip if they want, and best of all, donate their email to you in order to download your song, album, or beat tape. Sounds great right? Haha.. yes! — But obtaining one’s email is a lot easier said than done. Many times people will give you their email no problem, if they trust you wont spam them, and are providing value to them!

For an example, here is my Noisetrade page:

My whole motive behind capturing these emails is to grow a list of fans who like my free music, such as my FREE BEATS By GratuiTous Volumes. Upon the next volume release, I will email these people who downloaded the previous ones, just letting them know the next volume is out if they want to download it!


Alpine - ID3 TAG (2)

iPod - ID3 Tag

Don’t forget about ID3 Tagging. If you don’t know what that is, read, and WATCH the video here.

The reason ID3 Tagging is so important is when people download your music off NoiseTrade, it looks professional, and just like you bought it off iTunes.

The download would include your album image, song name, artist name (which is very important), and all the other fine little details.

Check out the images to get an idea of what ID3 Tagging can do, and how you can imagine how beneficial this can be for gaining new followers, and being courteous to your current followers so they can easily get organized in their music libraries:

Alpine - ID3 TAG (1)

Track Your Downloads

NoiseTrade also gives a nice account dashboard to track your statistics of how many downloads you’ve achieved that day, and an overall history.

It also allows you to download the emails you captured into a file, which is easily uploaded to a newsletter service, like MailChimp.

When adding people to your newsletter from another list, it’s always courteous of you to send them a welcome email, letting them know you’ve signed them up to your newsletter. Also, providing a unsubscribe button within that welcome email near the top is a nice gesture as well. At least one unsubscribe link MUST be in your newsletters at all times!

Bigger Projects Recommended

Now for just a single beat, you can still go the route of NoiseTrade, but from my personal thoughts, I feel some sort of volume, beat tape or album is probably the best route.

The only downside I found to NoiseTrade is that it doesn’t allow you to upload a .zip file where you can include a README. Something small, as you can just leave the info on your NoiseTrade page itself.

The Hard Truth,

Building a newsletter is not easy business. It requires begging, having the sign up form in the right spot, and bringing your followers the content they want. You will learn the hard way about spam, how to build relationships, and if what you’re trying to do is of value to others.

Newsletter Signup - Sidebar

I would still recommend having a separate newsletter sign up on your own website, in addition to this NoiseTrade route. Then just add those subscribers to your main list when if it adds up! Again, a welcome email is always courteous to let subscribers know they’ve been added to your list.

Just a personal note, my subscribers who have donated their emails to download my beat tapes on NoiseTrade, I’ve added them to a FREE MUSIC only list. This way, they don’t get bombarded with beat sales newsletters, or other info they may not be interested in. However, you can give them an option in your welcome email if you want to take it that far.

Anyways, I hope this post gets you thinking about creating a newsletter, capturing emails, and having a free way to market to your clients, who actually want to stay up to date with you!

If you haven’t signed up to Beatstruggles’ newsletter, simply do that below :).

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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