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Using Gravatar for Genuine Branding

Gravatar is an awesome tool to get free marketing as a beatmaker, or any niche for that matter.

What’s so great about Gravatar is first it’s free, and an image you decide, follows you everywhere! This makes commenting that much more personal, gives a face to your comments, keeps your comments personal, and builds your brand and name!

How to Get Set Up with Gravatar?

Simply go to the website, and create an account with an email you use often. (If you have a account, this should be the same account, so just enter in that information).

Gravatar for Genuine Branding

Don’t forget to complete your profile as well! A real neat feature with Gravatar is some websites have Gravatar Hovercards enabled. Check out the .GIF image to the left! (If you’ve watched the How to Make a Website for Beatmakers Series, you can add that feature to your website ;)).

This is why it’s important to complete your profile, after sign up, with the options they give you. (Your website(s), social links, and a brief description).

Assigning Additional Emails to Gravatar,

Gravatar also makes it very easy to add additional emails to your account. This is beneficial to have your image follow your face where every you comment + sign up where Gravatar is applicable.

For example, I have my personal email, but also a work email for SoundPackFlyer. If I add both of these to one Gravatar account, I can now have the same image follow me around, if that’s what you want. 🙂

Examples of Gravatar,

Comment - Gravatar

Here’s an example of a comment using Gravatar. You can also have a look at About the Author at the bottom of this page!

The nice thing with Gravatar, is you don’t have to keep uploading an image. Once you’ve uploaded your image to your account on Gravatar, your face follows the email you comment with.

Free genuine branding :).

Gravatar is Not Working, I Don’t See My Image?

Like most things in life, you must be patient. Sometimes it takes a bit for things to refresh, and have your image follow you with your comments.

This may encourage you to comment more, knowing your face/image is following you with your comments. It is a great way to build your brand, name, and have a warm, friendly conversation on the interwebs lol.

Overall, Gravatar gives a face to a comment, builds a strong sense of branding for your company/name, and it’s all free!

Get my Gravatar!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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