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Using Filters Effectively

I’ve talked about Painting an Audio Picture for your listeners quite often on Beatstruggles!

Filters are an amazing way to do this.

They build such emotion and tension into your tracks, especially when applied properly to your specific song!

If you’re wanting to learn about filters more in-depth, you can check out Beatstruggles’ course, All About Filters.

In this specific tutorial, I actually created both a low and high-cut filter. This gives more flexibility on the exact sound you’re wanting to get out of your filter!

You also don’t have to just use this at the intro of a track. You can use it throughout your track, but just not as intense for the normal parts. Then go to more extreme settings at break downs etc.

Another thing to mention is the min + max values of the FL Studio automation settings.

On the automation clip itself, if you double click on it inside the playlist, or click on the automation clip inside the step sequencer, you’ll see both a min and a max value knob.

These are extremely powerful if used right. They help you dial in just the right amount of effect you’re looking for!

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About the Author:  GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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