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URBAN TASTE DRUMS Review – Red Sounds

A Real Nice Approach on Their First Kit

Urban Taste Drums provides the beatmaker a lot of high quality sounds to work with, but with the amount of sound pack distributors today, what defines a solid company, from a mediocre one?

This review will be a guide of whether or not this drum kit is worth the purchase, as well as get other sound designers thinking how they should design their products for their customers.

When purchasing sounds, no one likes to feel cheated. You want to pay what you get for, and receive high quality! I do feel that URBAN TASTE DRUMS provides the beatmaker high quality that competes with industry kits, but is lacking a few fundamentals from taking their kit from good to great.

The kit contains a lot of repetitive sounds when it comes to the snares/claps/percussion. Also to mention, throughout a few of the kicks, you can tell the designer used the same layer a handful of times. As a customer, I want unique sounds. Sounds that are different one from another, and provide that BANG!

To continue with the snares/claps/percussion, the sounds were quite dry and quick. I feel this leaves me as a beatmaker not tons to work with, and now I have to start designing the sound a bit myself with effects, which is kind of backward. That’s the reason you buy a kit; to use the sounds they’ve designed! (Maybe just a few adjustments).

There are definitely some longer hits, but if we were to split the clap/snare folder in half, I think the quick hits quickly out weigh the longer hits.

Why is having longer hits better? — From personal taste, a dry hit gives you not much to work with. When going through sounds, I’d want creative layers, which still give me space to work. If it’s too layered, I can also use the IN and OUT technique to tweak to taste.

So let’s get into some more info on this kit.

The kicks provide a lot of variety in terms of tail length. As mentioned, a couple layers were too noticeable from one kick to the next, but that’s just my opinion. I like unique sound if I were to purchase a sound pack. Besides my personal opinion, these kicks had my beats hitting quite hard, and many had a real unique touch to them.

I also liked the cymbals in the pack tool. It feels like most of the cymbals could be opened up on the high-end, which is usually the opposite of what you want with cymbals; they usually hurt the listeners ears with their high frequency content!

Is the Kit Worth It?

Currently the price point is $14.95 (as of November 29, 2013). In compared to other kits, I do think the pricing is on point. The sounds definitely provide the user commercial ready sounds, but in compared to my personal kits I use, I feel Red Sounds has some studying and research to do to satisfy me as a customer, then put their special sauce on top of that ;).

I feel that this is an awesome approach to Red Sounds’ first kit.

For more info, check out Red Sounds product page of URBAN TASTE DRUMS.

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