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Urban Heat ( Review)

Urban Heat Takes 5/5!

Urban Heat, by Xclusive-Audio, is a PHENOMENAL kit!

Urban Heat is’s first sound pack release, and they brought the heat!

The sound design is immaculate, and the organization is on par. (You should hear how well recorded these bongos and percussion sounds are recorded!).

The sound designers at Xclusive-Audio really know what they are doing, these sounds are WOW premium quality!

This kit is just JAM-PACKED with high quality, 24-Bit .WAV sounds. Whenever you buy sounds from Xclusive-Audio, be ready for a fair purchase when it comes to amount of sounds to the price you pay.

The amount of variety, and creativity into these sounds is incredible. Xclusive-Audio is definitely a company to watch out for in their further releases.

The sound design of Urban Heat is crunchy, wide, loud, bangin’, and an urban hip-hop vibe to them.


I can really describe them as this.. “It doesn’t get any better than this”. You can only get such good quality in sounds, and these are really as good as it gets. Definitely wow’d me while checking them out!


Awesome. Real powerful, lots of variation, just like the kicks, and definitely hold their own by themselves. (Many times I find myself layering with other kits to get a clap/snare to cut through. Although this is still a good technique as it can make your claps/snares richer, fuller, or what ever sound your going for!).


Just like everything else in the kit, everything is amazingly organized. They really captured the “full sound” of the percussion. Not just the hit, but the bass of the bongo, of the snap. The full “rich sound” of the tambourines and shakers is there, just high quality sounds all-round.


They fully captured the “rich sound” of the cymbals from the hit to the end tail. Really nice cymbals with lots of variation (no one likes buying a kit and getting the same sounds!).

Also as mentioned in the video, they even organized the closed and open hats! The closed hats are nice, real sharp that cut through. The open hats in my opinion are okay. I like more of the “real sounding” open hats, BUT, in the style of genre this kit was going for, these are the hats that suite the genre, and come with some cool effects such as panning left to right while the sound plays.


This was is a nice little add-on! (Never know what you can throw in there. If you check out the audio demos included in the kit, they’ve really shown you how you can implement some vocal hits into your loops.


Is a kit like this too good to be true?

No, I think they just really know what their doing behind sound design, and brought their game to the table!

Such a high quality kit. I’m looking forward to checking out more of their kits as this is definitely only the start for Xclusive-Audio, and they really brought the heat with Urban Heat.

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