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Uploading Music to DistroKid.com to get on iTunes, Spotify etc.


Update Jan. 10, 2018:

Here’s how the upload process went:

Here’s the original video showing how Distrokid works:

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I was holding out for a while to get my Beat Tapes onto Spotify.

Anyways, I finally found some time over the holidays to upload my music to one of these online music distributors, and get it out there to the world ๐Ÿ˜‰

So why’d I choose DistroKid?

Upload Unlimited Albums/Songs

I really liked this feature.

Even though DistroKid is a yearly plan, this still gives you the peace of mind that any music you feel is ready to release to the public is just a quick upload away to have your music in all these online stores!

Keep 100% of your Royalties

If your song starts to go big, you’ll be really happy DistroKid provides this option of keeping all of your earnings.

If your song only gets a couple thousand streams a year, a 10% commission on your royalties sure doesn’t seem like much.

But imagine your song did go big.

Let’s say you made $10,000 from that song in one year.

That’d be $1,000 you give away! (And this will never stop.)

So that’s why keeping 100% of your royalties is such a strong point to go with DistroKid.

Other Miscellaneous Benefits

They claim to be in stores 10-20x faster. (I can’t make any claims to this, but many online people have said so.)

I can’t really use my timing as a comparison because I uploaded at a slow time of the year when most people go on holidays; right before the New Year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

(They also communicate quite well with their customers on social media either with their helpful quick videos, or letting you know about their hours etc. I was also in no rush to get my music out there, as I finally made up my mind to release my music onto these online stores.)

Cons that I Found with DistroKid

Now where DistroKid is quite affordable and gives you 100% of royalties.. they sure seem to make up for it on their add-ons lol

Like for example, they don’t include Shazam in their pricing!

They currently charge $0.99 per song, per year! – That can really add up..

Also, if you ever stop paying your yearly fee to DistroKid.com, your music comes down unless you select their option to ‘Leave a legacy’, which is currently a fee of $49! (Plus paying your monthly fee still..)

Conclusion abot DistroKid.com

So why’d I choose DistroKid?

Again, I really liked the unlimited uploads feature and 100% royalties option.

If I can cover the cost of my yearly account in terms of sales/streams per year, then this really is a great option to select.

But if you feel your music is not going to ever grow lol, then these one-time payment options where they take some of your commission could be more affordable in the long-run.

If you do decide to use DistroKid, you can save 7% by using this link!

Hope my walk-through with you was useful ๐Ÿ™‚



GratuiTous runs a FL Studio training platform, and has taught beatmaking with FL Studio since 2011! He was an electrician for 10 years in Canada, and loves learning best practices of beatmaking! Learn about GratuiTous. ๐Ÿ‘‰
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