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Updating FL Studio – Migrate Previous

When updating FL Studio to a new minor release, if you select the clear setting, you may be in for a bad surprise!

This post will guide you how to update your FL Studio to the newest minor release (for example 12.0.0 to 12.0.2).

I understand the importance of workflow and organization in your productions, plus the time it takes to get it all set up!

This will keep your previous settings, which keeps you working smoothly!

Once you’ve installed the new version of FL Studio, double click on the installer to get the installation processing going.



Click next, then I Agree (if you agree to their terms 😉 ).

The next window asks who to install FL Studio for, while mentioning a regkey.

If you’ve previously installed your regkey, you shouldn’t need to re-do this step, but re-installing the regkey again doesn’t hurt.

Decide just for the current user or all users (I usually just choose all users.)

Now here’s the screen which can cause confusion! (I’d like to see Image-Line write-up a more detailed overview of what each option does within the installation):


The options we are looking at in this post are under Settings.

There’s two options: Clear and Migrate previous

Clear – Clear will reset your FL Studio as if it were the first time installing it! If you’ve organized all your plugins and folders, this will be erased!

If you have an incremental backup process in place, you can always go back to your old files and drag +drop them into their appropriate place!

Migrate previous – This will keep most of your settings in place. (I find this description vague, not knowing exactly what it migrates..)

What Process to Take?

If you’re wanting just to update FL Studio, but keep your settings, then do this:

  1. Deselect clear (uncheck clear)
  2. Check Migrate previous.

Then proceed with your installation!


After installation, you should open up your FL Studio, and one of their default songs will load up. But don’t worry, you’ll see all your folders in place as well as previous songs you have opened in the File menu.

If you use more than one monitor, you’ll also notice it only opens to one monitor on the first open. Just click the maximize button and it brings everything back pretty close to what you originally had. (Maybe just a little bit of window moving to get you back flowing!)

For more info, you can always visit their Update Guide

Hope this helps!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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