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A Professional Platform to Learn FL Studio.

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you’ve found my FL Studio tutorials from on YouTube:

That’s where I first started teaching FL Studio (it was my first website): operated from 2012-2016

In recent years, I have continued to teach FL Studio, but I switched everything over to (this website.)

This is GratuiTous' home base to teach FL Studio.
Started in 2013-Current.

Since the transition from Beatstruggles, I have worked with over 40,000 students who want to learn FL Studio.

My teaching approach is not about following the current trends.

My goal is to teach you to become a well-rounded producer, who loves to create YOUR OWN music, with best practices.

(This teaser is from my BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 8 – Search on Spotify.)

I Can Teach You FL Studio Properly!

If you’re tired of looking around YouTube to find your answer, only to constantly get side-tracked by advertisements..

My FL Studio courses solve that problem.

If you take a course (or join the membership), there are no ads while you watch your videos, you can track your learning progress, and there’s courses for a variety of skill ranges.

Here’s my video course setup.  (This was taken around March 2020):

What Does The Website Look Like Inside?

Okay, I’ll show you a couple pictures of what it looks like when you’re inside.

You gain access inside if you’ve purchased a course, or are a member.

Do You Want Me to Teach You FL Studio?

If you want to learn FL Studio right away, then go with the membership:


The membership gives you access to all courses inside the membership. Just sign into your account to watch the videos and track your progress.

The longer plan you select (YEARLY vs. MONTHLY), the bigger you save.


(Single courses are also available.)


Still hesitant?  No worries.

I’d love to let you get to know me and my brand.

If you sign-up at this link – I’ll send you my FREE FL STUDIO GUIDE, some amazing drum samples, plus some free videos from my courses.

I’d love to help you make beats in FL Studio, whether this is a hobby, or something you are taking seriously, like trying to sell your beats.

I’ve been using FL Studio since 2009, and have been working with websites for a long time, too.  So I’ve taught myself music production, web development, and how to sell!

You can read more about me.

I’d be truly honored if you chose me as your FL Studio teacher.

P.S.  I’ve also listed my FL Studio services below.

You pick what you’d like me to help you with regarding FL Studio and music production:

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