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The Power of Your Number Pad in FL Studio

This tutorial has been made into a course, visit The Power of the Number Pad in FL Studio here.

Another very helpful video to increase your production work flow!

The number pad in FL Studio is not spoken about much, but is a huge candidate in increasing your workflow, within FL Studio.

Why the number pad in FL Studio is so beneficial is because if you hit the numbers 1-9, these are patterns 1-9. If you have a small beat, you can simply go to your first, or last pattern is a matter of one button on the number pad. This alone is HUGE, and very fast for workflow.

The PLUS and MINUS on the Number Pad,

If you have never used the number pad before in FL Studio, this tutorial is sure to make your workflow to a whole new level.

Try out the + and – in the top right of the number pad. These allow you to move up and down individual patterns, with just the hit of a button. (You can always put your mouse over the pattern number, and use your scroll wheel on your mouse).

How it’s Helped GratuiTous !

Since I’ve implemented the number pad into my production workflow, it’s helped me huge, and most importantly, increased productivity!

Going to the actual step sequencer, clicking the pattern drop down menu, and choosing my pattern slows down my workflow so much, but the number pad in FL Studio is so quick, just a hit of a button and I’m on my way!

Hope this tutorial, and video, has helped you out!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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