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The Power of Cut Itself in FL Studio

How to Get Clean Basslines,

Do you find your basslines are super muddy, and EQ is not helping AT ALL!?

Cutting could be your simple answer. I use this VERY OFTEN in my tracks.

Two Ways of Using Cut Itself,

Two ways that I use Cut itself is,

  • I use cut itself to cut the individual sample, so that when it plays, it’s not overlapping. Therefore, allowing for clean, hard hits, whether in kicks, claps, percussion, vocal, chops, you get the point!
  • The other way I use cut itself is to cut in between two or more samples, allowing for a real cool stop / start effect. Again, allowing for clean sounding percussion loops, or especially like this tutorial about cutting cymbals!

Cutting is definitely something that has grown on me within my production process. By either using it as an effect, or simply to get a cleaner sound, it’s pretty much used within every production I work on!

I am very grateful for finding out the power behind it, and the free addition it adds to my tracks!

How Do I Cut a Sample?

Simply right click on the sound, and click “Cut itself”. It can’t get easier than that!

Cut Itself - FL Studio (Cutting Feature)

Now, if you’re wanting to cut two or more samples together, you will want to left click on the sound, go to the MISC tab, and look to the cut option on the right. Just simply put them all on the same number. (Or if you just want a few to cut, just put those on the number and leave the others — Make two samples cut each other, and a different three cut each other? — This is where creativity comes into play!).

Using Cutting While Sampling,

If you use the FPC for sampling (I personally prefer Slicex), cutting, again, is essential! Otherwise, you will end up with a sloppy loop that keeps overlapping itself. This sounds very unprofessional, unless, this is the sound you are going for, or if the sample suites the overlap (most of the time it does not though).

The FPC makes cutting very easy! Click on a pad, and select the cut number. Next, click on the next pad you want to cut with the another pad, change that cut number to the same number as the previous pad. Also, a cool thing with both the FPC and Slicex, is that you can individually route each slice/pad to it’s own mixer track. This allows for a special effect to be played on certain pads, or, allows them to be mixed differently.

The Power of the Cut Itself Feature — Final Thoughts,

As you can see, cut itself is extremely powerful. I’m sure as you go on with your beatmaking career, cut itself will pop up again, and again!

If you have any other uses for cut itself, please share it in the comments for myself to learn as well!

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