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The New Revamp of is Launched.

Are you ready to learn FL Studio in a super easy way?!

After working on websites for about 10 years, this website gave me confidence behind my development skills.

Additionally, the website has been upgraded to a powerful webhost, so I hope there’s nothing but awesomeness with your experience here at

So how do you get started? .. And what’s changed?

Logging In

Some members have said that the login pop-up was not allowing them to log in.

You can use this link to directly login, too.

I think I’ve fixed it, but keep an eye on this, and please let me know.

Additionally, I’ve put a banner at the bottom of the login form, if you’re experiencing issues. Just click that to log in.

Login popup image.
Login popup form. Additionally, you can log in here.

Previous Course Progress for Students

Unfortunately, all previous progress is gone, as I have switched to a brand-new system for these courses.

In the long run, this is totally worth it for me to be organized, and also for you to get a really awesome experience.

If you’re one to be organized, sorry, but maybe it will give you an excuse to rewatch the videos. (I know I always learn a lot better the 2nd or 3rd time through a video. 😊)

Single Courses vs. Membership

If you purchase a single course, you will now get access to the download, plus streaming inside your account!

This will allow you to download the course for offline viewing, such as if you were travelling on an airplane where you have no internet access! (Make sure to download it beforehand to prepare for your trip!)

The membership will give you access to ALL COURSES inside the membership. However, you do not gain access to the downloads.

If you purchase a single course while being a member, you will also gain access to the download, in addition to all the courses to stream with your subscription.

Favorite Products and Special Pricing

Over time, I will be reaching out to a lot of my favorite brands I have worked with over the years.

I will try my best to get special pricing and any type of deal for you!

Currently there is one special bundle, which I highly recommend.

Give me feedback!

Remember, it’s just me behind this website!

This was 3 months in development. I put in around 8 hours a day (even on weekends), and it’s finally here.

If something feels out of place, or you have ideas for how to make this FL Studio course membership even better, I’m all ears.

If you’re a customer or member, you have the ability to ask me questions.

To your production success,

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