The Light to My Dark is my second official album I released onto iTunes.

It was also the first album I attempted my own mastering!

After the release of my first album, I was on a roll, releasing this second album only 6 months later.

The album turned out quite diverse. A lot of my music comes from my own experiences in life; learning the hard way. I use these experiences to tell people to make their choices wisely. I try to drive the Scriptures into people’s heart with my music.

Looking at the Big Picture, One Day at a Time

Every album released (or any job completed in general) will always build your confidence and knowledge of what to expect.

I remember burning this album, The Light to My Dark, to CD’s and testing the audio around different stereo systems to hear the consistency across them. I’d then go and make minor adjustments to try and make a neutral balance of how the songs sounded on various styles of speakers.

You have to think of the big picture, and not all at once. If you chip at it a little bit a day, eventually you’re going to get done. But with our fast-paced lifestyles, we want things done now; putting out an album doesn’t work that way, if you want it to be from the heart and meaningful!

Download: The Light to My Dark