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The Importance of ID3 Tagging Your Beats

What is ID3 Tagging?

ID3 Tagging is simply adding information into a song file. For example, in an MP3 file, you have options to add the title of the song, the artist name, the album, composer etc.

But, through Windows itself, I don’t think you are able to add in artwork to the MP3, and reach to other inputs without some software.

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In this tutorial, I use MP3 Tag. It’s 100% free, and it does the job great!

How Do I ID3 Tag My Music?

Using the program MP3 Tag, I simply click and drag the sound into the software, add the info I like info the files, and click save!

Why is ID3 Tagging Important?

ID3 Tagging is important because it allows for branding. Free branding at that. It allows people to follow you if they like your music.

For example, if someone sends a friend a song over instant messaging, or a social network, when they play your song, and if you ID3 tagged it, all your contact information should be in there. Or, they should at least be given a way to check you out a step further than just your song!

ID3 Tagging — Another Free Source of Marketing,

The Importance of ID3 Tagging

If you are an artist in this social frenzy, you can understand and relate, marketing online takes a lot more time than one imagines.

So what do you do?

You take advantage of all these free ways to market yourself. And eventually, down the road, these things can pop up to your advantage.

Another example — let’s say that friend sent your song via instant messaging to another friend to listen to. Now, let’s say they pass on the song to another friend.

Now, 8 months down the road, if you provided contact info in to the song by ID3 tagging it, such as a facebook link, or an email, you may receive an email saying, “Hey, I really liked your song! I found it from the song’s description on iTunes! — A friend sent me it!”.

Why? Cause you left them the information to find you! 😉 If you leave your listeners and customers ways to follow you, the ones who want to find out more about you will!

The Power Behind ID3 Tagging,

Yes, ID3 tagging is an extra step to the process, but I do feel it is very beneficial, only takes a minute or two, and leaves you with huge opportunities down the road.

Watch the video at the top of this page, and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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