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The Hindrance of Social Media

Is Social Media Your Down Fall?

Hey everyone,

This is a topic that is pretty meaningful to me. The reason being, all through high school, I said I’d never get Facebook; and I never did, until..


So I found that in order for Beatstruggles to push forward and take it to the next level, some level of social media had to be involved. And honestly, it’s still not a huge part of my life, although it still has a part in it. Let me explain.

Using Social Media as your Newsletter,

The cool thing with Facebook/Twitter/all other social media sites is they are essentially a newsletter that the world can see. You post something, if you’re set on public, the world can know what you had for breakfast!

But, if you’re not careful, social media can really catch up to you time and productivity wise. Learn more by watching the video!

So How Can You Use it to Your Advantage?

Something’s I’ve come to realize is posting and sharing is great. How else can other stay up to date with you?

But to save time, is to avoid the news feed.

But I’ve heard that if you interact with other people on social media it can be helpful!?

Personally, I don’t think I’ve made any real connections through social media. They’ve been a quick “hi, and bye”. Most of my business connections, beat sales, etc. have been done over emails, or phone calls.

Another thing about social media is it’s out in the open to see. That is not good for business. Business is personal stuff and I find the best results when using email, or any other way of personal communication (phone call, email, text, in person, skype etc.).

Social media is great for sharing stuff, such as a beat, album, a new graphic you designed, website etc. But trying to “connect” is some difficult, and real time consuming stuff.

What Do You Need to Get Done?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, write stuff down!.

If you’re not writing stuff down, you’re working all over the place, and are probably scattered with your workflow.  (However, sometimes a person has to figure out what their workflow actually is, so therefore, they may be unorganized at first, but use this to learn from to help yourself, and your client in the long run!).

Do you have a goal that you’re wanting to reach? A certain amount of sales you want to hit before the end of the year?

These are things you have to think about, write down, then work towards.

Maybe not even sales. Maybe get 10 people to sign up to your newsletter by them selves; a lot harder than you think ;).

Purpose of this Blog Post / Video,

I just see it over and over people consumed into social media. Looking at other people’s pictures, pretty much snooping without saying hi, then come back to reality after a quick 10-20 minute social media fantasy land.

IF you really want to take your music career seriously, you have to analyze where you are spending your time. If you know your beats aren’t the hottest… being in the news feed is not going to help! Make a beat, and if you’re stuck, try to arrange what you have. After arrangement, try to think.. “What is missing.. What do I need to add in?”.

You’ll Only Get There With Practice,

As I said, if you’re in the news feed:

  • Your not practicing
  • You’re wasting time on what you could be doing
  • When you finish what you wanted to accomplish, it may be an hour later cause you got side tracked on social media!
  • If you have a family, or family is important to you, that 30 extra minutes could be very valuable in the evening to spend with your family.

So hopefully this blog post got you thinking about where you are using your time. Time is valuable stuff. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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