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The Boss’s Security Camera

As I was trying to sleep the other night, a deep thought came in my mind. It was a story/analogy of who God is. So hear me out:

There was a Boss who owned a store and had a security camera in the inventory section of his store. One day He decided to look at the film recorded by the camera to check if any of the employees had stolen. It turns out everyone of His employees did!

The Boss was very angry and said inside Himself, “I will not hold this against them for one week, I will give them all one more chance and act as if this has never happened until the end of the one week giving them a chance to say they are sorry”. So the Boss held a big company meeting which held all the employees.

The Boss said, “I have just recently looked at the security camera in the inventory section of the store and have noticed a few people stealing! If those that stole come to me and say that they are sorry for stealing and ask for forgiveness, they will keep their jobs and it will be like nothing has happened. But those that do not say they are sorry and ask for forgiveness will feel my wrath because of the authority I have of being a Boss, and from stealing from my own pocket! — And it must be within one week to ask for your forgiveness”.

So all the employees hearts starting pumping very hard and having a hard time to swallow from dry throat because of their conviction since they all knew that they had stolen.

The Boss' Security Camera

For the rest of that week when ever the Boss saw anyone He acted as if nothing happened cause He already forgave them, so it was nothing on His shoulders, but if they didn’t come and say sorry at the end of that week, only then will He hold it against that employee.

Many people came and asked for forgiveness from their boss being caught red handed in their act of stealing and received the Boss’s forgiveness. But many did not, and at the end of that one week, the Boss called them into His office and had to fire those people from their job and give them a criminal record for their act of stealing.

So for those who couldn’t figure out the story — the Boss is God. The employees are us, and we all have sinned. God has given us a chance to say that we are sorry and forgive our sins. And we must ask for forgiveness within a certain length of time. Either before we die, or before He comes back (which ever is sooner!).

The Lord is rich in mercy, but we must be humbled to ask for it. The Lord has a security camera on all our lives. We think that if we steal a 5¢ candy that it’s no big deal and it’s not really stealing cause it’s such a little amount. But not in God’s eyes. A little sin is a sin, end of story. We all have sinned and all have to ask for His forgiveness. Just like the story, He knows that we know that we’ve sinned, and He has graciously given us a chance to repent.



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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