As you know, I use FL Studio Signature Edition as my DAW of choice.

But if you’re looking for some free alternatives to create beats, here’s a list I’ve complied of free music production software.

  • Cakewalk – This DAW is now 100% free after BandLab Technologies acquired Cakewalk from Gibson Brands. Jump on this one if you’re looking for a free DAW for windows.
  • Ardour – This DAW is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux! The website says you’re able to record, edit, mix, and master your track all within the DAW. Could be a great choice for a FREE DAW!
  • LMMS – This is another FREE DAW available on Windows, Mac, and Linux! Both LMMS and Ardour are open source, and have the potential to both grow to be very big and popular DAWs.
  • Audacity – This isn’t so much used for music production and creating beats, but more for editing and processing recorded audio. It’s a super powerful program that’s absolutely free. It’s come in handy for me in my early years, but nowadays, you can just used Edison through FL Studio for most tasks Audacity can provide.
  • Garageband – Sadly, this is a Mac only program. However, it comes absolutely free and is a great starter program for those looking to get their feet wet into creating music, recording audio, and editing that audio.

Those free music production programs should get you going.

It’s really cool to see the open source community trying to enter the scene and compete against these commercial DAW platforms.

Only time will tell to see if they surpass these commercial DAWs, because who doesn’t like free?

But in my opinion, I’d rather not have to learn another DAW.

And, FL Studio has lifetime free updates, which is an amazing feature.

That’s why I recommend getting the FL Studio Signature Edition. Once you purchase it, you’re set for life.

From my experience, I prefer FL Studio over the DAWs I’ve personally tried over the years.

# GratuiTous