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Sound Packs

Knowing Your Sounds Available

Knowing your sounds available, and how to use them, can be the hardest part of beatmaking. Once you’re aware of the types of sounds available, it’s just a matter of knowing where you can use them for an awesome production.

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beat making equipment to make beats

Beat Making Equipment Needed to Make Beats

What beatmaking equipment is needed to make radio ready hits? Speakers, microphones, audio interfaces, midi keyboards, etc.

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gratuitous favourite drum kits

My Favorite Sound Kits

I think these are the best sound kits for making beats. They are my favorite drum kits which I actually use, and allow me to …

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How To Make Your Own Sound Packs

How Do You Make Your Own Sounds? Well, let me start off with this. Sound design is more than a hobby. It is a job …

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