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Latest Microphone Stand

Piano Creativity with Mixer + Microphone

Just as of late, I started to mic up my piano with a mixer which has effects on it!

I love the way a piano sounds by itself, especially with those big powerful chords, but to keep creativity and inspiration high, I thought adding in these effects like reverb and delay would really help add that something special to my piano practice.

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Rode PSA-1 Unboxing

First Thoughts Towards Rode’s PSA-1 After watching a few reviews, and unboxings of my own, I decided to go with the Rode PSA-1 for the …

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How to Make a Song

Learn how to make a song with vocals, instruments, mixing and mastering!

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What’s the Point of a Microphone Stand?

Why Do You Need a Mic Stand? While recording audio for an album, it’s very important to get the best audio signal you can get …

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