A Very Versatile and Powerful VST,

Sytrus is a very powerful VST allowing for tons of modulation over your sound, and even has a drag-and-drop feature so that it follows the envelope of your sample!

I used Sytrus a lot when I first started using FL Studio. The awesome thing is Sytrus comes in the Signature Bundle of FL Studio!

The VST is quality, and there is lots of presets to start you off. (Pianos, bass lines, synth-dance sounds etc).

Very Hard for the Beginner Producer,

Within audio production, people are gifted in different areas, and people find differnet parts about audio more interesting than others.


Synthesis is quite a different approach to audio production, but it still is apart of it.

If knowing about synthesis, LFO’s, modulation etc. Sound design can be quite fun, and you can get the hang of a VST pretty quick. So my advice to you is to learn a bit about synthesis, and how synths actually work, and what tricks you can do to effect your sound!

But I do find Sytrus quite hard and complicated. I am not really geared towards trying to understand synthesis and sound design, but this still is a fundamental that a producer needs in order to make their own sounds, and have even more fun with their beats!

Sytrus is definitely a learning curve, but has major potential to make some professional productions!

Check out Sytrus at Image-Line’s store!