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Symbolic Links in FL Studio [Windows 10]


Symbolic links allow you to use one main folder as a source of organization, then have a shortcut version of the folder be created somewhere else. (Sometimes programs can’t read files/folders if you create a “shortcut”, so this is where a symbolic link will allow a program see the proper file path of that file/folder to be used).

View FL Studio’s help manual on symbolic links (symlinks).

I do not recommend this symbolic link approach anymore. I just decided to keep one main copy backed up in my custom music folder, then copy/paste that folder back into my FL Studio user files in Documents when needed… like when switching to a new computer, or if I formatted an old computer and was getting FL Studio set up again..

Read my Plugin database organization tutorials.

My main reason for wanting to use symbolic links back in the day was to keep the Plugin database in sync across multiple computers and organize my vsts.. and this approach did work, but over time it can get messy as I really don’t know command line enough to know what’s REALLY going on.. 😁

And I realized.. I only have three folders I’m mainly concerned with:

So as you can see, if I reinstall FL Studio on a new computer every maybe 5 years, it’s very easy to copy over from my main version, as I really like my custom music folder organization approach in FL Studio.. it allows me to be really flexible and still use FL Studio powerfully.

You can read about backing up in FL Studio here.

Wrapping Up

I’d recommend do not use symbolic links in FL Studio unless you know what you are doing.

It can be confusing because they are not a source of backup, and if anything happens, or gets moved in the wrong way, things can break easily.

If you don’t have tons of files that need to be imported into FL Studio’s Document user files, this copy and paste approach is really easy to use.

You can also learn about fixing duplicate images in the Plugin database.

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